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    8 Ton Single Sheave Snatch Block with Hook

    ATO economical price single sheave snatch blocks are commonly used in industries like construction, maritime operations, and vehicle recovery, 8 tonne rated load capacity, suitable 20mm wire rope. This snatch block provides a versatile solution for tasks such as hoisting heavy objects, rigging systems, or redirecting forces.
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    Heavy duty 8 ton snatch block is a versatile mechanical device used in various applications, especially in industries like construction, logging, and towing. It consists of a grooved wheel enclosed in a frame with a hook or shackle attached. The snatch block can be attached to anchor points or other objects, enabling efficient lifting, pulling, or towing operations.


    Model ATO-SL-HQGK1-8
    Rated Load Capacity (WLL) 8 Ton
    Experimental Load 13 Ton
    Wire Rope Diameter Suitable 20mm
    Max. 23mm
    Weight 33kg


    Single sheave snatch block dimension

    H B Lmax D 0
    730mm 280mm 141mm 75mm ≥56mm

    Precautions for use

    • Overloading is strictly prohibited.
    • The snatch block should be inspected regularly, and the period should not exceed 3 months.
    • The snatch block pulley is disassembled for maintenance, and the parts should be cleaned with gasoline.
    • The snatch block must not be beaten during loading and unloading to prevent deformation of parts.
    • When the snatch block is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and lubricated.

    Tips: Snatch block advantages

    Snatch blocks offer several advantages in various applications. Firstly, they provide a versatile and portable means of increasing mechanical advantage in lifting operations. By utilizing multiple sheaves, they can effectively multiply the pulling force exerted on a load, enabling heavier objects to be lifted with less effort.

    Secondly, snatch blocks allow for changes in the direction of the pulling force. By redirecting the load line, they provide flexibility in navigating obstacles or pulling loads from different angles, enhancing maneuverability and efficiency.

    Furthermore, snatch blocks help prevent damage to the load line by reducing friction. The multiple sheaves distribute the load over a larger surface area, minimizing wear and extending the lifespan of the line.

    Lastly, snatch blocks are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport. Their simplicity and durability make them a valuable tool in various industries, including construction, maritime operations, and vehicle recovery, where reliable and efficient lifting and pulling solutions are required.

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