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    20 Ton Single Sheave Snatch Block with Hook

    Cost-effective single sheave snatch block is commonly used in industries like construction, maritime operations, and vehicle recovery, 20 ton rated load capacity, suitable 31mm wire rope. With its compact size and high strength, this snatch block offers increased efficiency and safety in demanding lifting operations.
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    A 20 ton single sheave snatch block is a simple yet powerful mechanical device used in various industries and applications. It consists of a pulley enclosed within a block or housing with a hinged opening. Its compact size and portability make it an indispensable tool for overcoming obstacles and maximizing mechanical advantage in demanding situations.


    Model ATO-SL-HQGK1-20
    Rated Load Capacity (WLL) 20 Ton
    Experimental Load 28.55 Ton
    Wire Rope Diameter Suitable 31mm
    Max. 35mm
    Weight 133.5kg


    Single sheave snatch block dimension

    H B Lmax D 0
    1165mm 460mm 193mm 118mm ≥90mm

    Precautions for use

    • Overloading is strictly prohibited.
    • The snatch block should be inspected regularly, and the period should not exceed 3 months.
    • The snatch block pulley is disassembled for maintenance, and the parts should be cleaned with gasoline.
    • The snatch block must not be beaten during loading and unloading to prevent deformation of parts.
    • When the snatch block is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and lubricated.

    Tips: How to use a snatch block with a winch?

    Using a snatch block with a winch can significantly increase the pulling power and versatility of your winching operations. To use a snatch block:

    1. Select a sturdy anchor point and attach the snatch block to it using a secure shackle or another appropriate attachment method.
    2. Run the winch cable through the snatch block's pulley, ensuring it is properly aligned.
    3. Attach the end of the winch cable to the load you want to pull or recover.
    4. Slowly begin winching while keeping tension on the winch cable.
    5. As the cable is pulled through the snatch block, the pulley redirects the force, effectively doubling the pulling power and altering the direction of the pull if desired.
    6. Use caution and maintain control throughout the process to ensure safety and prevent damage to equipment.
    7. Remember to consult your specific winch and snatch block user manuals for detailed instructions and safety guidelines.
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