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    Electric Car Jack, 2 in 1, 12V, 5 Ton

    Electric car jack, 12V, 5 tons load capacity, jacking and inflatable 2-in-1 design, easy to operate. Widely used in vehicle maintenance and emergency rescue. High-efficiency electric motor provides strong power, easy to lift heavy vehicles. Compact design, easy to carry.
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    This 12V electric car jack doubles as an inflatable and holds up to 5 tons. Intelligent design simplifies operation and is suitable for vehicle maintenance and emergencies. High-efficiency motor provides strong jacking force, electric car jack lift range in 135-360mm, 155-450mm, 235-530mm optional, easy to deal with different models. Inflatable function can quickly repair flat tires to ensure driving safety.


    Model ATO-EJ-ZSY01
    Motor Power 180W
    Maximum Current 15A
    Operating Voltage DC12V
    Lifting Capacity 5 ton
    Structural Characteristics Hydraulic Jack
    Application Tire Changing Tools
    Load 5000kg
    Dimension 31.5*12.5*15cm
    Functions Jacking and inflating
    Accessory 150psi inflatable pump
    Air Flow Rate 35L/min
    Lifting Range 135-360mm 155-450mm 235-530mm
    Net Weight 6.44kg 6.71kg 7.6kg

    Dimension: (mm)

    Electric car jack size


    Detail view of electric car jack

    Inflatable pump detailsNote: Built-in 150psi inflator pump, air flow rate up to 35L/min, can be quickly inflated in an emergency with one click.


    • Anti-slip cross groove: Anti-slip groove design for safer jacking.
    • 180W high power brush motor, low power consumption, strong torque, high torque.
    • Aluminium alloy base plate, aluminium alloy material will not be deformed.
    • Durable switch, 100,000 times quality tested for durability.

    Tire Inflation Operation

    2 in 1 electric car jack tire inflation operation


    Application of electric jacks

    Tips: Precautions for Using a Electric Car Jack, 2-in-1 

    • Safety First: Make sure your vehicle is on level, stable ground before using the jack. Read and follow the product instructions before use and never exceed the rated load.
    • Power Check: Make sure the power cord of the electric car jack is firmly connected and the voltage is normal. Check the battery power of the vehicle to avoid insufficient power during operation.
    • Pre-test: Before actual use, conduct a test lift without load to ensure that the jack operates properly. Avoid discovering the problem only in an emergency.
    • Applicable Model: Confirm that the electro-hydraulic car jack is suitable for your model to ensure that it provides sufficient lifting force and remains stable during use.
    • Visual Aid: During operation, pay attention to whether the body is lifted and lowered vertically, you can use the LED lighting or other light sources equipped with the product to ensure the accuracy of the operation.
    • Quick Storage: After use, store the electric car jack quickly in the matching box to ensure that it is in a safe and tidy condition for next use.
    • Emergency Preparedness: In the event of an emergency, familiarize yourself with the product's emergency operating procedures to ensure that you can quickly and effectively use the 2-in-1 electric car jack for temporary repairs.


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