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    Electric Car Jack Kit, 12V, 5 Ton

    With a rated power of 18W and operating at a voltage of DC12V, boasting a maximum current of 15A, electric hydraulic jack can effortlessly handle loads of up to 5 tons, equipped with a lifting range of 135-360mm / 155-450mm / 155-450mm 235-530mm, making it a robust and efficient choice for lifting vehicles, trailers, and more.
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    With a rated power of 18W and operating at DC12V, this jack is designed to handle heavy loads effortlessly. The maximum load capacity of 5 tons ensures that it can tackle a variety of vehicles with ease.


    Model ATO-ZSY01-X-B02
    Electric Jack Data Electric Spanner Data
    Rated Power 180W Rated Power 80W
    Operating Voltage DC12V Operating Voltage DC12V
    Maximum Current 15A Maximum Current 13A
    Maximum Load 5T Maximum Torque 480N.M
    Dimension 31.5*12.5*15 cm Dimension 25*9.5*14 cm
    Lifting Range 135-360mm 155-450mm 155-450mm 235-530mm
    Net Weight 8.86 kg 9.09 kg 9.87 kg


    • Anti-slip cross groove: Anti-slip groove design for safer jacking.
    • 180W high power brush motor, low power consumption, strong torque, high torque.
    • Aluminium alloy base plate, aluminium alloy material will not be deformed.
    • Durable switch, 100,000 times quality tested for durability.

    Flectric hydraulic car jack 12V 5 ton feature

    Dimension (Unit:mm)

     Electric car jack kit size

    Electric spanner size


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    Application of electric jacks

    Tips: What safety features does the electric car jack have?

    The safety features of an electric car jack are crucial to ensure secure and reliable operation. Here are some common safety features found in electric car jacks:

    • Overload Protection: Many electric car jacks are equipped with overload protection. This feature prevents the jack from lifting a load beyond its rated capacity. It helps avoid damage to the jack and ensures safe lifting practices.
    • Built-in Safety Valve: A built-in safety valve is designed to prevent over-extension of the hydraulic ram. This valve releases excess pressure to maintain the stability and safety of the lifting process. It acts as a safeguard against potential hydraulic system failures.
    • Emergency Stop Button: Some electric car jacks come with an emergency stop button, either on the jack itself or on the remote control. This button allows for immediate cessation of the lifting operation in case of an emergency or unexpected situation.
    • LED Lighting: Many electric car jacks are equipped with LED lights to enhance visibility, especially in low-light conditions or during nighttime use. This feature ensures that users can clearly see the lifting points and surrounding area, contributing to safer operation.
    • Anti-Slip Base: The base of the electric car jack may have an anti-slip design to provide stability during operation. This feature helps prevent the jack from shifting or tilting while lifting the vehicle, reducing the risk of accidents.
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