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    Electric Car Jack Kit, 12V, 3.5 Ton

    Powerful 12V electric jack kit with 3.5 tons load capacity. Simple and easy to use, easily lift your vehicle at the push of a button. Efficient and safe, ideal for emergency situations. Comes with a full range of accessories, suitable for a wide range of vehicles.
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    Portable and powerful! 12V electric car jack kit with 3.5 tons load capacity. Intelligent control, easy lifting and lowering, time-saving and efficient. Comes with power cord, can be plugged into the car cigarette lighter. Essential for emergency rescue, portable storage bag is convenient to carry. Ensure easy maneuvering of vehicle height in any situation.


    Electric Jack Model ATO-EJ-ZSTT02
    Motor Power 150W
    Maximum Current 13A
    Operating Voltage DC12V
    Lifting Capacity 5 ton
    Minimum Height 135mm
    Maximum Height 530mm
    Structural Characteristics Electric Jack
    Application Tire Changing Tools
    Load 5000kg
    Dimension 36*33*16cm
    Lifting Range 135-360mm/155-450mm/235-530mm (optional)
    Component Net Weight 8.8/9.2kg
    Metal Double Bar Inflatable Pump Maximum Inflation Pressure 150psi
    Air Flow Rate 35L/min
    Current 10A
    Length of Inflatable Tube 0.65m
    Power Cord Length 4m
    Electric Wrench Rated Power 80W
    Operating Voltage DC12V
    Maximum Current 13A
    Maximum Torque 480N.M
    Dimension 28*10*11.5cm
    Wrench Net Weight 1.5kg

    Dimension: (mm)

    Dimensional drawings of electric jack kits


    Details of the electric jack kit

    Details of electric wrenches

    Instructions for Use

    Use of electric jacks

    Electric jack operation

    1. Equipped with battery cable clamp and cigarette lighter plug can be directly inserted into the cigarette lighter, or connected to the car battery to get electricity.
    2. Connect the electric jack and cigarette lighter power cord.
    3. Place the electric jack under the chassis support of the car.
    4. Press the UP button to raise the vehicle until the wheels leave the ground, then press the DOWN button to lower the wheels.
    5. Stand half a meter away from the car and use the remote control to control it.
    6. Connect the electric wrench and cigarette lighter power cord.
    7. Select the correct socket for the model.
    8. Loosen and remove the tire nuts one by one-using an electric wrench or a reach wrench to the corner form.


    Application of electric jacks

    Tips: How to Test an Electric Jack Kit?

    First, make sure your vehicle is parked on a flat and firm surface for safety. Then, connect the power cord to an appropriate electrical outlet and make sure the jack and cable are not damaged.

    Next, plug the electric jack into the vehicle's jack port and make sure the connection is secure. Start the power supply and check that the electric hydraulic car jack operates smoothly and without abnormal noise or vibration.

    Using the buttons on the remote or control panel, slowly raise the jack up the vehicle. Observe the response speed and lifting height of the electric jack to ensure that it is within the normal operating range.

    While the vehicle is being lifted, check for any abnormalities underneath the electric car jack to make sure there are no oil leaks or other problems. You can also test the lowering function of the jack by observing if it is able to lower the vehicle smoothly.

    Finally, test the self-locking function of the electric jack to ensure that the jack stays securely at the chosen height during the lifting process. Completing these testing steps ensures that the electric car jack kit is within its normal operating range and can be used to lift vehicles safely and reliably.

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