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    Handheld Color Meter, Caliber 4mm

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    Handheld color meter for the paint, plating and coatings industries, caliber 4mm, clear digital LCD display, comfortable price and high quality. The best colorimeter can accurately and quickly measure the reflected color and chromatic aberration.
    SKU: ATO-CM-SC-10
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    Cheap handheld color meter can measure ink absorption, USB connection, high quality, small size and easy to carry. Widely used in paper, printing, building materials, food, salt and other industries.


    • The user can perform black and white calibration through the standard black and white box of the instrument and refer to the user manual to complete the calibration independently.
    • This colorimeter cannot transmit data or perform any other functions with computer software. The USB port is only for charging purposes.


    Model ATO-CM-SC-10
    Illuminating/Viewing Geometry  8/d
    Measuring Aperture φ4mm
    Errors Between Each Equipment ≤0.20E*ab
    Repeatability ≤0.03 E*ab Measure white standard version 30 times average
    Detector Silicon photoelectric diode
    Locating Illuminating Locating/Cross Locating
    Measurement End Face Large stable end-face and small concave-convex end-face
    Color Space CIEL*a*b
    Color Difference Formula E*ab,
    Light Source D65
    Light Source Device LED blue light excitation
    Weight 500g
    Power source Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V@3200mAh
    Lamp Life 5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements
    Charging Time 8 hours--100% electricity
    Connector USB
    Operating Environment 0~40℃, 0~85%RH (no condensing), Altitude<2000m
    Dimension 205*70*100mm

    Packing List

    No. Name Quantity
    1 Colorimeter 1
    2 Power adapter 1
    3 Manual 1
    4 Wristband 1
    5  Φ4 Platform measuring diameter 1

    Colorimeter applications

    Tips: What does the LAB in the colorimeter mean?
    L, A, B on the colorimeter is the chromaticity value representing the color of the object, that is, the color space coordinate of the color. Any color has a unique coordinate value, where L represents the brightness (black and white) and A represents red and green. B stands for yellow-blue. Using the colorimeter, generally output three sets of data of L, a, b and color difference data of △E, △L, △a, △b after colorimetric, △E total color difference, △L+ means bright, △ L- indicates darkness, Δa+ indicates reddishness, Δa- indicates greenishness Δb+ indicates yellowishness, and Δb- indicates bluishness.

    Existing reviews of Handheld Color Meter, Caliber 4mm
    High Precision in Color Measurement
    The handheld color meter with a 4mm caliber offers precise color measurement capabilities. The 4mm caliber ensures focused and accurate readings, making it ideal for applications where color accuracy is crucial.
    From: Linnea | Date: 21/11/2023
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    Very nice handheld color meter more than I expected
    I use this colorimeter to match colors in my graphics business. It is fast, small and accurate! It has the ability to provide color comparisons right in the device, which many high-end colorimeters will do only with additional software.
    From: Coolforcats | Date: 22/11/2022
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    Nice colorimeter
    Very nice product, more than I expected, can quickly measure the color of L/A/B value of leather, very helpful, when I need more in future. I will buy again.
    From: Keran | Date: 14/04/2022
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    How to calibrate the 4mm handheld colorimeter I purchased?
    I was looking at your handheld color meter, caliber 4mm and was wondering if this can be purchased calibrated and how can I re-calibrate after purchasing?
    From: Murky | Date: 25/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    1. Yes, the colorimeter will be well calibrated before shipping out.
    2. No need to return back to re-calibrate in the future, as you will be able to do calibration yourself on your site, it's very simple.
    We shall send you a black and white box along with instructions on how to calibrate on your site.
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