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    1 1/2" Pneumatic Globe Valve

    Operating at a Nominal Pressure of PN16 MPa, with a remarkable Rated Flow Coefficient of 30 KV, featuring a precise Rated Stroke of 12mm, 1 1/4" (DN40) pneumatic globe valve's film effective area of 200 cm2 enhances its ability to regulate flow effectively.
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    1 1/2" pneumatic globe valve is constructed with high-quality 304 stainless steel. Its design incorporates a positive action allowable pressure difference of 1.18 and an opposite reaction of 2.91, providing stability and reliability under varying pressure conditions.


    • By using a thin-film multi-spring actuator connected to the adjusting mechanism by three columns, the overall height can be reduced by about 30 per cent and the weight by about 30 per cent. The overall height can be reduced by about 30 per cent and the weight by about 30 per cent.
    • The valve body is designed according to the principle of fluid dynamics into an equal cross-section low flow resistance flow path, the rated flow coefficient increases by 30%.
    • Compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, fluid channel is S streamline, small pressure drop loss, large capacity, easy disassembly and installation.
    • Top-guided construction with multi-spring membrane actuator.


    Model ATO-810D-1S2A-4DK41-DN40
    Nominal pressure PN16 MPa
    Rated Flow Coefficient 30 KV
    Rated Stroke 12mm
    Film Effective Area 200 cm2
    Allowable Pressure Difference Positive Action 1.18
    Opposite Reaction 2.91
    Signal pressure 0 or 250
    Operating Temperature ≤ 250℃
    Connection Method Flangeless
    Medium of use Gas and Liquid
    Valve Body Material 304

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    3/4 inch diaphragm control valve size

    DN A L H H1
    40 232 200 380 75


     Pneumatic globe valve application

    Tips: What is the purpose of a Pneumatic Globe Valve?

    A Pneumatic Globe Valve serves the purpose of regulating the flow of fluid within a pipeline. It is a type of control valve that controls the flow by either fully opening, fully closing, or partially obstructing the passage of the fluid. Here's a detailed breakdown of the purposes and functionalities of a Pneumatic Globe Valve:

    • Flow Control: The primary function of a Pneumatic Globe Valve is to control the rate of flow of fluid through a pipeline. This is achieved by adjusting the position of the valve disc or plug inside the valve body.
    • Versatility: Pneumatic Globe Valves are versatile and can be used in various applications across different industries, including but not limited to oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, power generation, and more.
    • Pneumatic Actuation: These valves are operated using pneumatic actuators, which convert energy from compressed air into mechanical motion. Pneumatic actuation allows for precise and rapid control of the valve position, making it suitable for automated processes.
    • On/Off and Throttling Applications: Pneumatic Globe Valves can be used for both on/off service and throttling applications. In on/off service, the valve is fully open or fully closed, while in throttling applications, the valve is positioned to regulate the flow at a specific rate.
    • Pressure Drop Regulation: The design of the globe valve allows for effective regulation of pressure drop across the valve. This feature is particularly useful in applications where maintaining a specific pressure is critical.
    • Directional Flow Control: The flow path through a Pneumatic Globe Valve is perpendicular to the direction of the motion of the disc or plug. This design allows for precise control over the flow and is especially beneficial in applications where directional control is crucial.
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