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    1 hp (0.75 kW) Air Compressor Motor, 115/ 230V, 5/8" Shaft

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    Good price 1 hp air compressor motor for sale online. Single phase, 115/ 230VAC, 13.2/ 6.6A, shaft diameter 5/8", shaft length 1.88", 56 frame. It is an IP 23 electric motor with protector. High-precision machining parts and careful assembly ensure the reliable operation of the bearing.
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    One capacitance electric air compressor motor outputs with 750W power and 3600 rpm output speed. The housing material is steel and the insulation class is F. 1 hp power rating and mounting dimensions meet IEC standards.


    Model ATO-CM01256
    Power 1 HP (0.75 kW)
    Speed 3600 rpm
    Current 13.2/ 6.6 A
    Voltage 115/ 230 V
    Frame 56
    Shaft diameter 5/8"
    Shaft length 1.88"
    Capacitance 1
    Frequency 60Hz
    IP 23
    INS F
    Housing material Steel plate
    Packing size 34*27*27cm
    Weight 14kg

    Dimention (Unit: inch)

    Dimension of ATO air compressor motor


    750W Air Compressor Motor Details

    Tips: The installation place of the ATO 1 hp air compressor motor is very important

    In the daily production process, the selection of the air compressor motor installation location is often neglected. After purchasing the air compressor motor, the buyer finds a place at will and uses it immediately after piping. In fact, this is very sloppy. This has laid many hidden dangers for the future maintenance of the air compressor motor and the deterioration of the air quality. Therefore, a proper installation place is a prerequisite for the correct use of ATO 1 hp air compressor motors.

    First, choose a wide place with good lighting to facilitate better operation and ensure the space and lighting required for maintenance. The second is to choose a place with low air humidity, less dust, fresh air and good ventilation, and avoid water mist, oil mist, dusty and fibery environments. According to regulations, the heating temperature of the machine room of the compressed air station shall not be lower than 15 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the machine room shall not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius during non-working hours. When the air compressor electric motor suction port or the cooling air suction port of the unit is set indoors, the indoor temperature shall not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. If the factory environment is poor and dusty, pre-filtering equipment should be installed to ensure the service life of the air compressor motor system components.

    Existing reviews of 1 hp (0.75 kW) Air Compressor Motor, 115/ 230V, 5/8" Shaft
    Powerful air compressor motor!
    At first, I was very relunctant to purchasing this air compressor motor, but I was glad I did. Very easy to assemble, and handle, and does a great job and the price is amazing! It deserves a high rating.
    From: White | Date: 25/03/2022
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