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    10:1 Air Pressure Booster, 3.5-80 bar (50-1160 psi)

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    ATO air pressure booster with 10:1 ratio, 3.5-80 bar gas inlet pressure, 80 bar maximum outlet gas pressure, 2-8 bar dirven air pressure, 410 L/min Maximum flow. Based on the air consumption of 1.0 M³/min when the driving pressure is 7 bar.
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    ATO 10: 1 air booster with high pressure, pneumatic power, air driven fuel and oil-free. Formula to calculate gas outlet pressure PB is 10Pa+ Pi, connection: gas Inlet / gas outlet (NPT thread) is 3/ 8/ 3/ 8.


    1. Compressed air driven no electricity required (connect to normal air compressor).
    2. ln order to extend the lifetime of the pump, the driving air pressure should not be higher than 8 bar.
    3. No airline lubricator required.
    4. Hydrocarbon free separation between air and gas sections pressures to 80Mpa (11,600psi).
    5. Wide range of models with different ratios
    6. Built in cooling on most models.


    Mode ATO-DGD-10
    Pressure boost ratio 10:1
    Min. gas Inlet pressure PA 3.5 bar
    Max.gas Inlet pressure PA 80 bar
    Max. gas outlet pressure PB 80 bar
    Drive piston diameter 160mm
    Driven air pressure PL 2 bar- 8 bar
    Max. driving air pressure 10 bar
    Formula to calculate gas outlet pressure PB 10XPA+ Pi
    Connection: Gas Inlet / Gas outlet (NPT thread) 3/ 8/ 3/ 8
    Max. flow at driven air pressure of 6 bar  410 L/min (at PA of 6 bar)
    Weight 25kg

     Dimension: (unit:mm)

    1Dimension of air pressure booster

    2Dimension of air pressure booster

    Dimension of air pressure booster3

    Tips: Where are ATO air pressure booster application scenarios?

    • Pressure test with gas transfer and filling.
      (Ar/ He/ H2/ O2/ N2ICO2/ NO2/ CH4/ C2H2/ LNG/ ILPG/ CNG/ FM200/ SF6/ H2S etc.)
    • Charging of gas cylinder and accumulator with nitrogen.
    • Supply for isolating gas systems.
    • Gas assisted injection molding
    • Transfer of oxygen cylinders
    • Charging of breathing air bottles.
    Existing reviews of 10:1 Air Pressure Booster, 3.5-80 bar (50-1160 psi)
    Great packaging. Works great.
    I’m very happy with the quality and ruggedness. It’s a great tool to have when you need it.
    From: Gregd | Date: 14/09/2022
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