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    10 hp Belt Driven Air Compressor, 175 PSI, 48/60/80 gallon

    A belt driven air 10 horsepower air compressor comprised of a aluminium 2-stage air pump with cast iron cylinders and a smooth running electrical motor. It has 12.5 Bar 175 PSI maximum pressure, 48 gallon, 60 gallon, 80 gallon receiver capacity are optional.
    SKU: ATO-COMPR-010
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    Oil-lubricated beil drive air compressor is designed with a slow-running compressor block for exceptional long service life. Cast iron cylinders with low-speed pistons have traditionally been recognized for their durability.
    10 hp Belt Driven Air Compressor Features

    • 10 hp (7.5 kW) 120V 60Hz single phase motor
    • 48 Gal., 60 Gal., 80 Gal. tank capacity for your choice
    • Max pressure 12.5 Bar, 175 PSI
    • 27.4 CFM, 34.6 CFM, 40.7 CFM air delivery are available

    48 gallon Air Compressor Description

    Model ZB-09125
    Size 150 (L)*53 (W)*110 (H) CM
    Type of the Air Copmpressor Belt driven
    Tank Capacity 48 Gal. (Can be customized)
    Motor Power 10 hp, 7.5 kW (Can be customized)
    Power Source AC Power
    Voltage 120V, 60Hz (Can be customized)
    90x2, 65x1 90x2, 65x1
    Air Delivery 700L/Min, 24.7 CFM
    Maximum Pressure 12 Bar, 175 PSI
    maximum Speed 920 rpm
    Certification CE, ROHS, CCC, ISO
    Noise Level with 80DB
    Warranty 1 Year
    Cooling Method Air Cooling

    Choose Your Air Compressor
    You could choose different stage of 10 hp (7.5kW) belt driven air compressor for your requirements

    Model Gal. kW HP Stage Cylinder L/min RPM PSI CFM Bar Size (cm)
    ZB-09125 48 7.5  10 2 stage  90x2, 65x1 700 920 175 24.7 12.5 150*53*110
    ZB-10125 60 7.5 10 2 stage 95x2, 65x1 980 920 175 34.6 12.5 152*60*120
    4V-105125 80 7.5 10 2 stage 105x2, 55x2 1153 750 175 40.7 12.5 153*60*120

    Note: Tell us your application needs, we can customize the air compressor to meet your precise power, tank capacity, air delivery and rated voltage requirements.
    Installation Diagram
    air compressor installation diagram
    Air Compressor Applications

    belt driven air compressor applicationTips: How to solve the vibration of piston air compressor?
    The basic cause for the vibration of the piston air compressor is that it is affected by alternating load. There are two kinds of alternating loads acting on the piston air compressor device. One is the unbalanced piston inertia force, and the other is the interference force caused by pressure fluctuation of un-continuous air supply and strong gas piping.

    Processing method: Vibration caused by the imbalance of the inertia force should be eliminated and reduced as much as possible from the structure of the machine. In addition, there should be strict requirements for the basic design and construction of the air compressor. The installation of the machine must comply with the regulations, so that the vibration of the machine can be reduced as far as possible, and the amplitude and vertical amplitude can be maintained within the permitted scale.

    We usually take measures as follows to eliminate the device vibration caused by air pressure fluctuation. A buffer should be added near cylinder discharge pipe gas fitting. The pore plate should be set on the gas pipeline. This method is usually set applied to gas fitting where there is a long distance from the cylinder to the buffer tank. We should have reasonable installation of pipeline fulcrum by using absorber and the piping layout should be as straight as possible, especially to avoid the right angle bending.

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