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    12 Gallons Pneumatic Grease Pump

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    Hot selling 12 gal air grease pump is available with 0.34gal/min delivery rate, 50:1 pump ratio, 87-116psi air pressure. 45L large capacity air operated grease pump, resistant to 300℃ high temperature, strong oil absorption force.
    SKU: ATO-GD680
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    12 gallons pneumatic grease pump with 45L/ 12gal capacity for sale. The efficient air tool for infusing grease powerfully for lubrication and maintenance purposes. Air grease pump features 4ft grease hose length, 30mm air hose inner diameter, and 3/8 inch air inlet size.


    Model: ATO-GD680
    Pump Ratio:
    Air Pressure:
    Delivery Rate:
    Grease Hose Length:
    Air Hose Inner Diameter: 30mm
    Air Inlet Size: 3/8 inch
    Net Weight:
    Package Included:
    1*4 Gallons Pneumatic Grease Pump, 1*Universal Grease Gun, 1*4ft Grease Hose

    12 Gallons Pneumatic Grease Pump Details

    Details of 12 gallons pneumatic grease pump

    Features of pneumatic grease pump

    As a kind of refueling equipment, the pneumatic grease pump is widely used at present. It can change the oil in time for automobile maintenance and various mechanical equipment. It is the most powerful assistant in production and life. A pneumatic grease pump is a kind of pneumatic tool.

    • The pneumatic grease pump is composed of a booster pump, a dust cover, an iron barrel, a push handle, a high-pressure oil pipe, a rotatable high-pressure grease gun, casters and other components.
    • The butter machine is powered by air pressure, which can quickly add butter to press the butter directly to the transmission parts and oil storage devices. It is a helper for various mechanical equipment and automobile maintenance.
    • The 20-liter barrel of butter can be directly put into the barrel of the butter machine, which is convenient, fast, pollution-free and free of impurities, which can ensure the original purity of the butter.
    Existing reviews of 12 Gallons Pneumatic Grease Pump
    Useful pneumatic grease pump
    The 12 gallons pneumatic grease pump is very useful and delivers lube with high efficiency, it fits my car factory well. Will buy it again if needed.
    From: Blythe | Date: 29/03/2023
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    Nice grease pum
    Affordable price, fast delivery and easy assembly. All in all, the 12 gallons grease pump was a great purchase for our workshop needs!
    From: Pearl | Date: 26/10/2022
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