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    130mm Worm Gearbox, Ratio 5:1 to 100:1, 334 N.m

    Lower cost worm gearbox has variety of reduction ratio to choose: 5:1, 7.5:1, 10:1, 50:1, 60:1, 80:1, 100:1 and so on. It’s new NMRV reducer with 130mm center distance, 3000W rated power and 334 N.m rated torque. 1100W-7500W asynchronous motor, flange and output shaft can be customized and used together.
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    1400 rpm worm gearbox reducer for sale in ATO online store. The reducer motor is made of aluminum alloy and the worm is made of tin bronze, IP65. 5:1~100:1 reduction gear ratio, complete models and high accuracy.


    Model ATO-NMRV130
    Reduction ratio 5:1/ 7.5:1/ 10:1/ 15:1/ 20:1/ 25:1/ 30:1/ 40:1/ 50:1/ 60:1/ 80:1/ 100:1 (optional)
    Center distance 130mm
    Rated torque 334 N.m
    Rated power 3 kW
    Rated speed 1400 rpm
    Certification CE
    Color Blue
    Warranty 1 year
    Protection grade IP65

    Housing: Aluminum alloy

    Turbine: 20 Cr

    Worm: Tin bronze

    Dimention (Unit: mm)

    ATO 130mm worm gear reducer outline dimensional drawing


    Worm Gearbox Details

    Customizable accessories

    ATO worm gear reducer customizable accessories: Asynchronous motor, flange, output shaft

    Tips: Using tips of ATO 130mm worm gearbox

    1. It is strictly forbidden to knock hard. When installing couplings, belt pulleys, sprockets and other coupling elements on the output shaft of the ATO 130mm worm gearbox reducer, direct hammering is not allowed for operation. Because the output shaft structure of the 130mm worm gearbox reducer cannot withstand axial hammering, the screw hole can be screwed into the shaft end to press into the coupling.
    2. Be sure to install a breather cap (that is, an exhaust screw plug). When using the 130mm worm gearbox, be sure to replace the exhaust plug on the top of the gearbox. The function of replacing the exhaust screw plug is to ensure that the worm gearbox speed reducer discharges the gas generated in the reducer when it is working. Otherwise, when the worm gearbox reducer works for a long time, the gas in the gearbox will increase with the increase of its working time, so that the temperature rise will cause the worm gearbox reducer oil seal to be damaged, and cause the worm gearbox to leak oil.
    3. Replacement of lubricating oil. The user of ATO 130mm worm gearbox reducer should determine the amount of lubricating oil to be injected according to the size of the worm gearbox reducer model. This has specific regulations, and the specific operation should follow the worm gearbox reducer operating instructions. If the worm gearbox is used in a working environment with harsh environment, high temperature, and large dust, please be sure to check or replace the lubricating oil every 12 days.
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