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    14 inch Corded Circular Saw

    Cheap price 14-inch corded circular saw for sale with a blade diameter of 355mm, and 140mm cutting depth. The electric corded circular saw with a wider base for greater stability, a 2200W super powerful motor is suitable for cutting various wood materials.
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    ATO corded circular saw is a 14" electric saw, the rated voltage is 220V/50Hz, and an input power of 2200W. The power switch of the cheap corded circular saw has a self-locking device, which is more suitable for long-term operation. The base plate is made of steel, which is stronger and more suitable for flipping. It is not easy to deform or break and is completely suitable for various working environments.


    • Multi-angle arbitrary cutting and free adjustment are more convenient.
    • Spiral heat dissipation, circulation dredging and rapid heat dissipation.
    • Automatic rebound protective cover, safe and secure.
    • Flip-chip hole design, flip-chip is easy to fix without opening holes.
    • High-power copper core motor, when used, the heat is small, and it is not easy to burn out.


    Model: ATO-MIY-355
    Input Power: 2200W
    No-load Speed: 3300r/min
    Blade Diameter: 355mm
    Rated Voltage: 220V-50Hz

    Cutting Depth: 140mm
    Recommended Cutting Depth: 140mm
    Cutting Angle: 45°
    Can be Flipped: Can be flipped
    Protective Cover: Yes

    Size: 165*540mm
    Certificate: CCC
    Weight: 13 kg


    14 inch corded circular saw dimension

    Tips: What is a circular saw good for?

    With the right blade, a circular saw can be used to cut framing lumber, sheet goods, roofing, metal, masonry, and more. A powerful saw can be a major time-saver during demolition as well. Once you get used to using your circular saw, you can even use it to cut curves.

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