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    14 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader

    Industrial hydraulic flange spreader with 12 ton capacity, provides an efficient and reliable method for separating flanges. This economical price mechanical separator tool is widely used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, and manufacturing.
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    Hydraulic flange spreader is a reliable and efficient tool that simplifies the process of separating flanges, contributing to improved productivity and safety in industrial settings. It is commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and manufacturing, where flange connections are prevalent.


    • Model: ATO- FSH-14
    • Capacity: 14 Ton
    • Minimum Gap: 6mm
    • Tip Width: 50mm
    • Tip Thickness: 81mm
    • Dimensions: 680mm (L) x 165mm (W) x 90mm (H)
    • Weight: 16.1kg


    14 ton hydraulic flange spreader details

    Tips: What are advantages of hydraulic flange spreader?

    Hydraulic flange spreaders offer several advantages compared to other methods of separating or spreading flanges.

    • Increased safety: Hydraulic flange spreaders provide a safer alternative to manual methods such as hammering or prying. They allow controlled and precise spreading of flanges without the risk of sudden movements or uncontrolled release of pressure, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.
    • Efficient and time-saving: Hydraulic flange spreaders are designed to apply high spreading forces with minimal effort. They can quickly and easily separate flanges, reducing downtime and improving productivity. Compared to traditional methods, hydraulic flange spreaders significantly reduce the time required to complete the task.
    • Adjustable spreading force: Hydraulic flange spreaders are equipped with adjustable spreading arms that can be set to specific distances. This allows for precise control over the spreading force applied to the flange, ensuring that the separation is done safely and without causing damage to the flange or surrounding components.
    • Versatility: Hydraulic flange spreaders are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different flange sizes and designs. They can be used for a wide range of applications, including large-scale industrial flanges, pipeline maintenance, and repair work.
    • Uniform spreading: Hydraulic flange spreaders distribute the spreading force evenly across the flange, minimizing the risk of distortion or damage. This ensures that the flange remains in good condition, maintaining its integrity and preventing leaks or other issues.
    • Controlled operation: Hydraulic flange spreaders allow for precise control over the spreading process. The hydraulic system enables gradual and controlled spreading, allowing operators to monitor the progress and make adjustments as needed. This control minimizes the risk of sudden movements or excessive force that could lead to accidents or damage.
    • Reliability and durability: Hydraulic flange spreaders are built to withstand heavy-duty applications. They are constructed with robust materials and designed to operate in challenging environments. This reliability ensures that the spreader can handle demanding tasks repeatedly without failure.
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