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    15 hp 3 Phase Magnetic Motor Starter

    Cheap 2 phase or 3 phase magnetic starter comes with an AC contactor, overheating relay, 15 hp, 11kW power, 220V or 380V voltage, 25A rated current, 63A frame current and 50/60Hz, which can help control the start and stop of motors.
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    Buy a 15 hp 2 or 3 phase magnetic motor starter online. It is a motor protector with 11kW power, 220V or 380V voltage, 25A rated current, 63A frame current and 50/60Hz, widely used in various industrial applications.


    • Model: ATO-QCX5
    • Power: 15 hp (11kW)
    • Applicable Voltage: 220V (2 Phase) or 380V (3 Phase)
    • Rated Current: 25A
    • Frame Current: 63A
    • Breaking Capacity: 15kA
    • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Ambient Temperature: -5°C~+40°C
    • Installation Method: Screw Installation
    • Installation Category: II
    • Dimension: 235x135x145mm


    • 15 hp magnetic starter provides overload protection and phase failure protection to ensure that the motor can be powered off promptly under abnormal operating conditions to prevent damage and extend the life of the equipment. Equipped with overheating protection to effectively prevent the motor from overheating, which may cause equipment damage or accidents.
    • ATO magnetic motor starter has high elasticity, insulation and air tightness to ensure the safety and stability of circuit operation. It is equipped with a flame-retardant and waterproof shell material to ensure the stable operation of the device for a long time.
    • 2/3 phase magnetic starter is easy to install, has a self-reset button operation, and is simple and convenient to operate. Green start and red stop self-reset buttons are used to intuitively display the device status.


    Magnetic starter wiring


    Magnetic starter applications

    Tips: What is a magnetic motor starter? 

    A magnetic motor starter is an electromechanical device designed to control the electric power supplied to an electric motor. It consists of two primary components: a contactor and an overload relay. The contactor is an electrically operated switch that engages or disengages the power supply to the motor, while the overload relay protects the motor from excessive current and potential damage.

    When a motor needs to be started, the operator initiates the process by pressing a start button. This action energizes the coil within the contactor, causing its contacts to close and allowing electrical power to flow to the motor. Simultaneously, the overload relay monitors the current drawn by the motor. If the current surpasses a predetermined level, the overload relay opens the circuit, interrupting power to the motor and preventing overheating or damage.

    Magnetic motor starters are widely used in industrial and commercial applications where precise control of motor operations is essential. They offer an efficient and reliable means of starting, stopping, and protecting electric motors. These starters are integral to various systems, including manufacturing equipment, conveyor systems, pumping stations, and HVAC systems. Additionally, many magnetic motor starters feature auxiliary elements such as emergency stop buttons, providing a quick and decisive way to halt motor operations in emergencies. Overall, magnetic motor starters contribute significantly to motor safety, efficiency, and control in diverse industrial settings.

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