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    2-1/2" Steam Pressure Regulator

    Buy an economical steam pressure regulator online, nominal pressures of 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa and 4.0MPa are available. The 2-1/2" pressure reducing valve is easy to adjust, simply unscrew the plastic cap and control the pressure with the adjusting screw.
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    2-1/2" steam pressure regulator main valve components are made of cast steel and are resistant to rust and corrosion. ATO steam pressure regulators provide precise control of steam pressure, ensuring that your equipment operates at optimum levels.


    • Model: ATO-Y34H-DN65
    • Body Material: Cast Steel 
    • Connection Form: Flange
    • Nominal Diameter: DN65 (2-1/2")
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa
    • Working Temperature: <200C
    • Applicable Medium: Water steam, boiler steam, high temperature steam, etc.
    • Weight: 27.5kg


    • A 2-1/2 inch steam pressure regulator automatically adjusts the pressure of the steam to maintain a constant pressure in the system.
    • The steam pressure reducing valve has a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that the pressure remains constant within a tight tolerance range.
    • The steam pressure regulator is easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing steam systems with minimal disruption.
    • ATO steam pressure regulator is highly reliable and can operate for extended periods without requiring maintenance.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Steam pressure reducing valve

    Dimension 1.6MPa 2.5MPa 4.0MPa
    L H1 H2 L H1 H2 L H1 H2
    DN65 260 125 340 260 125 340 280 140 365


    Steam pressure regulator installation

    1. Filter
    2. Pressure gauge
    3. Steam pressure regulator
    4. Globe valve
    5. Safety valve
    6. Bypass channel


    Steam pressure regulators are widely used in power plants, chemical plants, and refineries, where they play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of boilers and other steam-powered equipment. In addition, steam pressure regulators are also used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals, where they are utilized to control the pressure of steam used for sterilization processes. 

    Steam pressure reducing valve applications

    Tips: What are the different types of steam regulators?

    Steam regulators are devices that control the pressure of steam in a system by modulating the flow of steam. There are several types of steam regulators, including:

    • Direct-acting regulators: These regulators are designed to directly control the pressure of steam in a system by opening or closing a valve in response to changes in pressure. Direct-acting regulators are simple and reliable, but may not be suitable for high-pressure applications.
    • Pilot-operated regulators: Pilot-operated regulators use a smaller control valve to regulate the pressure of a larger main valve. The pilot valve is typically controlled by a diaphragm or piston that responds to changes in pressure. Pilot-operated regulators are more complex than direct-acting regulators but can handle higher pressures.
    • Pressure-reducing valves: Pressure-reducing valves are used to reduce the pressure of steam before it enters a system. These valves work by restricting the flow of steam, which reduces the pressure. Pressure-reducing valves can be direct-acting or pilot-operated.
    • Self-contained regulators: Self-contained regulators are designed for use in small systems, such as laboratory or testing equipment. These regulators typically consist of a diaphragm, a spring, and a valve seat.
    • Back-pressure regulators: Back-pressure regulators are used to maintain a constant pressure at the outlet of a system, even when the flow rate changes.  These regulators work by modulating the flow of steam in response to changes in pressure at the outlet.

    The choice of regulator will depend on the specific requirements of the system, including the pressure range, flow rate, and application.

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