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    2 hp Tube Axial Fan, 8800 cfm

    The tube axial fan has a powerful 2 hp pure copper motor, with a flow rate of 8800 cfm and a noise level of less than 75 dBA. Portable blower fan comes in a thickly painted carbon steel housing with a protective mesh cover on the air outlet to prevent damage caused by foreign objects entering the fan. Our high performance axial fans are built to last and are the perfect solution for all your ventilation needs.
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    The 2 hp (1.5 kW ) axial ventilation fan has a compact design and low maintenance, it is available with a flow rate of 8800 cfm and a voltage rating of 110V, 220Vh or 380V. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional HVAC technician, our axial fans are the ideal choice for your ventilation needs


    • Model: ATO-SF4-2
    • Rotational Speed: 2800 rpm
    • Flow Rate: 8800 cfm (15000 m3/h)
    • Motor Power: 2 hp (1500W)
    • Full Pressure: 280 pa
    • Voltage: 220V/380V/110V
    • Noise: ≤ 75 dBA
    • Weight: 14.2kg


    • 2 hp axial flow fan with full copper motor, strong power, low heat generation, low energy consumption, and long service life.
    • The high hardness of the blades is not easily deformed and the impeller is strictly calibrated by dynamic balancing, which provides good aerodynamics, low noise, no dust and smooth operation.
    • The ducted bracket ensures stability at high motor speeds.
    • The axial fan blower has a thickly painted carbon steel housing, which is cut by an advanced laser cutting machine for durability.
    • The tube axial fan outlet is equipped with a protective mesh cover to prevent damage caused by foreign objects entering the fan.



    Axial fan dimension

    Axial fan details


    Axial flow fans are widely used in various industries and applications, including ventilation systems for buildings, cooling systems for data centers, air conditioning systems for automobiles and aircraft, power generation plants, and industrial processes such as chemical and food processing. 

    Axial fan applications

    Tips: What are the types of axial fans?

    Axial fans are categorized into different types based on their design, size, and applications. Some of the common types of axial fans are:

    • Propeller Fan: Propeller fans are the most basic type of axial fan. They consist of a motor, blades, and a housing. They are used in applications where
      a high volume of air is required at a low pressure.
    • Tubeaxial Fan: Tubeaxial fans have a cylindrical shape and are commonly used in ventilation systems for buildings, factories, and warehouses. They have a higher static pressure capability compared to propeller fans.
    • Vaneaxial Fan: Vaneaxial fans have vanes or blades that are positioned at an angle to the fan axis. They are used in applications where higher pressures are required, such as in air conditioning systems.
    • Mixed Flow Fan: Mixed flow fans combine the features of axial and centrifugal fans. They have a spiral housing that directs the air flow in both axial and radial directions. They are used in applications where moderate to high pressures are required.
    • Multi-stage Axial Fan: Multi-stage axial fans consist of two or more sets of blades, which are arranged in series. They are used in applications where high pressures and low volumes of air are required, such as in air compressors and vacuum pumps.
    • Adjustable Pitch Axial Fan: Adjustable pitch axial fans have blades that can be adjusted to change the air flow rate and pressure. They are used in applications where variable speed control is required, such as in HVAC systems.
    • High-Temperature Axial Fan: High-temperature axial fans are designed to operate at high temperatures up to 1000°C. They are commonly used in industrial applications, such as steel mills and glass manufacturing plants.
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