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    2" Pneumatic Globe Valve

    2 inch pneumatic globe valve, globe control valve with pneumatic actuator for sale, widely used in industrial fluid control. 304 stainless steel valve body material, rated stroke 12mm, nominal pressure PN16. Adopt pneumatic actuator, reliable operation, suitable for automation system.
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    High quality 2 inch pneumatic globe valve adopts advanced pneumatic technology to ensure precise control and long service life, single seated conical spool, soft seal + hard seal, max working pressure PN16, with high durability and stability, reliably meets all kinds of fluid pipeline needs.


    • Top-guided construction with multi-spring membrane actuator.
    • Compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, fluid channel is S streamline, small pressure drop loss, large capacity, easy disassembly and installation.
    • By using a thin-film multi-spring actuator connected to the adjusting mechanism by three columns, the overall height can be reduced by about 30 per cent and the weight by about 30 per cent. The overall height can be reduced by about 30 per cent and the weight by about 30 per cent.
    • The valve body is designed according to the principle of fluid dynamics into an equal cross-section low flow resistance flow path, the rated flow coefficient increases by 30%.


    Model ATO-810D-1S2A-4DK41-DN50
    Nominal pressure PN16 MPa
    Rated Flow Coefficient 48 KV
    Rated Stroke 12mm
    Film Effective Area 200 cm2
    Allowable Pressure Difference Positive Action 1.33
    Opposite Reaction 1.77
    Signal pressure 0 or 250
    Operating Temperature ≤ 250℃
    Connection Method Flangeless
    Medium of use Gas and Liquid
    Valve Body Material 304

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    3/4 inch diaphragm control valve size

    DN A L H H1
    50 232 230 150 390


     Pneumatic globe valve application

    Tips: 2" Pneumatic Globe Valve Troubleshooting

    First, check if the air supply is normal, make sure the pneumatic actuator can get enough air pressure. If the air supply is normal, but the actuator does not respond, it may be an internal problem of the pneumatic actuator, and you need to check whether the piston, cylinder and seals of the actuator are intact.

    Next, check to see if the connection between the body and bonnet of the 2-inch pneumatic globe valve is tight. If there is looseness or air leakage, you need to retighten the bolts or replace the sealing gasket.

    Further, check that the spool is not contaminated or clogged. Contamination may cause the spool to move poorly or the valve may not close completely. Clean the spool and its surrounding parts to ensure that the spool can move freely.

    Finally, check the control system to ensure proper signaling. Check that the pneumatic shutoff valve and associated sensors are working properly to rule out the possibility of a faulty control system. Effectively troubleshoot the 2 inch pneumatic globe valve to ensure that it is functioning properly. If the problem is still not solved, it is recommended to seek professional technical support.

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