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    2" Thermodynamic Steam Trap

    Buy 2 inch (DN50) thermodynamic steam trap with a strainer online. It is a disc type steam trap with a steam or air thermal insulation device that is not affected by ambient humidity, useful in applications where steam pressure is low or fluctuating.
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    2" (DN50) flanged steam trap for sale online. Low price thermodynamic steam trap with strainer and trap, suitable for steam system applications including process heating, steam tracing, and heating of tanks and vessels.


    • Model: ATO-CS49H-16C-DN50
    • Nominal Diameter: DN50 (2 inch)
    • Connection Method: Flange
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6Mpa
    • Max Work Temperature: 350℃
    • Weight: 9.34kg
    • Material: WCB


    • It has a steam or air thermal insulation device, which will not be affected by environmental humidity.
    • Thermodynamic type steam trap is equipped with a filter and drain valve.
    • It reduces the frequency of motion and lengthens the lifetime.
    • A thermodynamic steam trap is sensitive and reliable in operation with a large capacity.

    Dimensions(Unit: mm)

     Thermodynamic steam trap dimensions


    No. Part Name Material
    7 Bonnet 20Cr13
    6 Disc 20Cr13
    5 Seat 20Cr13
    4 Gasket PTFE
    3 Body WCB
    2 Screen 304
    1 Screw Plug 35
    DN L H1 H2 A B C b f n~φ
    50 230 85 105 160 125 100 20 3 4~φ18


    The thermodynamic steam trap is widely used in steam systems, particularly in applications where there is a high rate of condensate formation or where there is a need for rapid condensate removal. They are commonly used in processes such as steam heating, sterilization, and cooking, as well as in industrial processes such as chemical manufacturing and oil refining. 

    Steam trap applications

    Tips: Thermodynamic Steam Trap vs. Ball Float Steam Trap

    Thermodynamic steam traps and ball float steam traps are both types of steam traps used in industrial applications, but they operate on different principles and have different advantages and disadvantages.

    Thermodynamic steam traps use a disc that opens and closes based on the difference in pressure between steam and condensate. When steam enters the trap, it flows around the disc and creates a low-pressure area that opens the disc. As the condensate enters the trap, it covers the disc and creates a high-pressure area that closes the disc. This cycle repeats as the trap removes the condensate from the system.

    Ball float steam traps, as mentioned earlier, use a ball float mechanism to regulate the flow of condensate and steam. The ball float rises and falls depending on the level of condensate in the trap, which opens and closes the trap to discharge the condensate and prevent the loss of steam.

    In summary, the choice between thermodynamic steam traps and ball float steam traps depends on the specific requirements of the steam system. Factors such as pressure, temperature, and condensate flow rates should be considered when selecting the appropriate type of steam trap for a given application.

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