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    2400W 140KV 4-12S Outrunner Brushless Motor for Skateboard

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    Reasonable price and high quality 2400W outrunner brushless motor for sale online. Brushless outrunner motor with hall sensor for precise positioning. Max power 2450W, optional rotation speed 140 KV / 190 KV. 320mm cable makes the brushless DC outrunner motor more durable and heat resistant. High torque outrunner brushless motor often used in robotic arms and battle robots.
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    Brushless outrunner motor with 2400W power for sale. 65A current and 7 N.m torque of this outrunner brushless motor. Stable structure and high temperature resistance are the biggest advantages of 140 KV brushless motor.


    Model ATO-BLDC-6354
    Rated Voltage 36V
    Max Power 2450W
    Rated Current 30A
    Max Current 65A
    Max Voltage 4S-12S
    Max Torque 7 N.m
    Bullet Connector 4 mm
    Stator 0.2 mm silicon steel sheet
    Rotation Speed KV (RPM/V) 140 KV / 190 KV
    Hall Angle 120°
    Internal Resistance 0.053 OHM
    Motor Wire 320 mm 12 AWG
    Number of Pole Pairs 7
    Shaft Diameter 8 mm circuit shaft / 10 mm D-shaft
    Motor Size 63*54 mm
    Motor Weight 558g


    2400W skateboard bldc motor circuit shaft structure

    2400W skateboard bldc motor d shaft structure

    ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Selection for Waterproof BLDC Motor

    • The speed of BLDC motor does not exceed the speed of ESC, it can be matched and used.
    • Brushless DC motor speed calculation formula: battery voltage * motor KV value.
      Brushless DC motor stator speed calculation formula: motor KV value * battery voltage * motor pole pairs.
    • The limit speed of V4 series ESC is 60000 ERPM.
      The limit speed of V6 series ESC is 15000 OERPM.
    • If the maximum speed of BLDC motor exceeds the speed of electric speed controller, the ESC can also be matched by reducing the working voltage of motor. But we do not recommend this, because it does not really play the role of brushless DC motor.

    ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Specification

    Model Current Value Number of Batteries (Input Voltage)
    FSESC 4.12 Continuous 50A, peak 240A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    FSESC 4.20 Continuous 50A, peak 240A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC 6.6 mini dual drive 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC6.6 integrated switch dual drive version 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    FSESC6.7 VESC6.6 single drive integration* Continuous 70A, peak 200A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC4 dual drive integration 50A continuous 1-channel, peak 100A 2-channel, peak 300A 2-channel 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    ODESC3.6 single drive/dual drive 50A continuous 1-channel, peak 120A 1-channel 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC6 dual drive 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    Single drive V6 75200 Continuous 200A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    Single drive VESC6 waterproof version Continuous 60A, peak 150A 3S-12S (8V-60V)

    *Note: The ESC model with * is the recommended controller for this page of motor, if you need other ESC models, please contact us.

    Tips: Why Choose Outrunner Brushless Motor For Electric Skateboard?

    Brushless motor is usually digital frequency conversion control, strong controllability, from a few revolutions per minute, to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute can be easily realized. Brushless motor is an upgraded product, its life performance is better than the brush motor. But its control circuit is more complex, the aging of components screening requirements are more strict. Therefore, the selection of brushless motor should go through strict reliability test to ensure the relative desirability of quality electric vehicles brush better. It is used in the main point is low noise, outrunner brushless motor is the use of electronic circuit reversing, polarity detection components.

    Existing reviews of 2400W 140KV 4-12S Outrunner Brushless Motor for Skateboard
    Looks good
    My friend recommended me to buy this outrunner brushless motor.The motor looks good, but I did not test it yet. I hope it's as good as it's described. And hope it will last a long time.
    From: Sactor | Date: 02/12/2022
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    Awesome 2400W outrunner brushless motor
    It was an awesome and wonderful outrunner brushless motor. So it has more power to give!!! I may buy one or 2 more. Great motor at a good price.
    From: Visonelet | Date: 16/11/2022
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