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    24V Mini Solenoid Valve, 2 Way

    Good price miniature solenoid valve with 24V rated voltage for sale online. This 2 way solenoid valve uses a full copper core, low resistance, energy saving and high strength. The working mode of the mini solenoid valve is normally closed.
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    A miniature solenoid valve is a compact and small-sized electromechanical device used to control the flow of fluids or gases in various applications. It operates on the principle of electromagnetic attraction and is commonly used in situations where space is limited or precise control is required.


    • Good food grade rubber material, high purity, good wear resistance, long life.
    • Compact design, low temperature rise, no noise, fast response, high frequency.
    • High quality motor, strong and durable, less heating noise, the surface increase is not easy to corrosion process, ease of use.


    Model 24V
    Rated Voltage DC 24.0V
    Rated Current 93 mA±10%
    Resistor 260Ω±10%
    Exhaust Time max.30 seconds from 300 mmHg reduce to 15 mmHg at 100 CC tank
    Airtightness max.3 mmHg from 300 mmHg at 100 CC tank
    Insulation Grade A
    Used Fluid air
    Use Environment 0-50 ℃ 75% RH
    Working Mode normally closed
    Life Test 200000 times (12s on and 5s off)
    Net Weight 41g

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Mini solenoid valve dimension


    Mini solenoid valve application

    Tips: How to Use Mini Solenoid Valve?

    • Power supply. Connect the valve to an appropriate power source, usually a DC power supply within the specified voltage range.
    • Connections. Attach the inlet and outlet ports of the valve to the fluid or gas lines. Use suitable fittings or adapters if necessary.
    • Electrical control. To open or close the valve, apply power to the solenoid coil. When energized, the coil generates a magnetic field that pulls the valve's plunger, allowing flow through the valve. Cutting off the power will close the valve.
    • Integration. Integrate the solenoid valve into your system or project, ensuring it functions harmoniously with other components.
    • Testing. Before implementing the valve in a critical application, perform testing to ensure proper operation and no leaks.
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