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    25 hp Vertical Centrifugal Pump, Single Stage

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    Great 3 phase centrifugal pump can be used for long-distance water delivery, pipeline pressurization, high-rise building pressurized water supply, etc. 25 hp vertical centrifugal pump adopts a single-stage stainless steel impeller, has the same diameter of inlet and outlet 80mm (3 inch), maximum flow 61m3/h (269 gpm), maximum head 73m (240ft), optional input voltage AC 220V/380V/400V/460V to 480V and input frequency 50Hz/60Hz.
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    Get a 3-phase 25 hp vertical centrifugal pump at a reasonable price. It has 61m3/h maximum flow, 63m minimum head, 73m maximum head and 80mm diameter of inlet and outlet. Input voltage AC 220V/380V/400V/460V to 480V and input frequency 50Hz/60Hz for selection.


    • The centrifugal pump has a vertical structure, and its inlet and outlet have the same diameter. The inlet and outlet are on the same centerline so that they can be installed in the pipeline like a valve. If a protective cover is added, it can be used in the open air.
    • Easy to install and maintain. There is no need to dismantle the piping system, just remove the connecting flat nut of the vertical pump. All rotor parts can then be removed.
    • The vertical pump can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the requirements of the piping system.
    • Vertical centrifugal pumps can be run in series or in parallel according to the requirements of flow and head.


    • Model: ATO-VCP-80-250A
    • Power: 25 hp (18.5kW)
    • Number of stages: Single stage
    • Input voltage: AC 220V~480V
    • Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    • Inlet diameter: 80mm (3 inch)
    • Outlet diameter: 80mm (3 inch)
    • Flow (min. flow to max. flow): 32.5m3/h (143 gpm), 46.7m3/h (206 gpm), 61m3/h (269 gpm)
    • Head (max. head to min. head): 73m (240ft), 70m (230ft), 63m (207ft)
    • Efficiency: 52%, 59%, 60%
    • Installation mode: Vertical type or horizontal type
    • Nominal diameter of impeller: 250mm
    • Size: 480*430*820mm
    • Weight: 188kg

    Vertical centrifugal pump dimension (unit: mm):

    Vertical centrifugal pump dimensional drawing

    Boundary dimension L B H C1*B1
    480 430 820 160*200
    Installation dimension A C2*B2 4-Φd1
    130 110*170 4-Φ18
    Flange dimension D D1 n-φd
    φ200 φ160 8-φ18

    Tips: Why can't centrifugal pumps pump water?

    It means the centrifugal pump has the following faults: Be unable to pump water, has difficulty in start-up, or the flow is reduced.

    Reasons for not being able to pump

    • Insufficient injection of liquid before pumping.
    • Air or air leakage in the pump or suction tube.
    • The suction height exceeds the allowable range of the pump.
    • The pipeline resistance is too high.
    • There is debris in the pump or pipeline.
    • The motor is overloaded.
    Phase 3 phase
    Input voltage AC 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V
    Input frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
    Installation angle of outlet 0°, 90° and 180°
    Pump type Booster pump
    Number of stages Single stage
    Motor type Y/ Y2 series motor
    Motor speed 2900rpm
    Impeller material 304/ 316 stainless steel
    Seal material 304 stainless steel, tungsten carbide, fluorine rubber
    Inlet max. pressure 1MPa (145 psi)
    (NPSH)r 2.3m
    Usage Water, or liquids compatible with pump component materials.
    1. The volume of solid particles should be less than 0.1% in unit volume, and the granularity should be less than 0.2mm.
    2. The temperature should be lower than 60℃.
    Environment Temperature: <40℃, humidity: <95%, altitude<1000m
    Warranty 12 months

    Different types of centrifugal pumps

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    Existing reviews of 25 hp Vertical Centrifugal Pump, Single Stage
    Could you recommend pump for my application?
    Hi, I am interested in the pumps you sell. In my application, I am flowing room-temperature water at up to 150 GPM. My discharge head is about 130 psi.
    Specifically, I am using this pump to flow coolant water through a heat exchanger, and this is the source of the 130 psi pressure drop. I would like the pump to be able to overcome at least 200 psi of discharge head since I am using a flow-restricting proportional valve upstream of the heat exchanger to control flow through it.
    The pump will be right next to the heat exchanger and at approximately the same level so there shouldn’t be any additional discharge head. Because of this high head and flow rate, I am thinking that this will require two pumps in series unless it can be accomplished with just one pump.
    I will be needing to be able to turn this pump on and off (start and stop the flow) remotely and be able to do PLC control. I have the capability to provide 480V three-phase power at 60 Hz.
    Could you please recommend pump(s) for my application and provide pump curves? Can you please provide a quote?
    I am operating outdoors, open to the weather. The ambient temperature ranges from 20 deg. F to 110 deg. F.
    From: ajax | Date: 18/07/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Do you need a pump for submersible or land use?
    If it is used on land, is there a canopy where it will be installed?
    Is the media freezing at 20 degrees? Our pumps won't work if it freezes.
    If there is water in the pump body and it is frozen, the pump body is easy to freeze and crack.
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