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    3" Electric Lug Type Butterfly Valve

    Cost-effective price 3 inch (DN80) wafer type butterfly valve equipped with 05 electric actuator and protection class IP65, works at -30°C~60°C. AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 380V, DC 24V, AC 24V power supply can be optional. Special voltage can be customized. Butterfly valve with stainless steel body material. Good function, easy installation. A good device for flow control.
    SKU: ATO-HK60-DMS80-05
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    Butterfly lug valve comes with 05 actuator and protection class IP65, works at -30°C~60°C. Great device to control air, water, steam these flow.

    Electuator Specification

    Model ATO-HK60-DMS80-05
    Protection Class IP65
    Ambient Temp. -30°C~60°C
    Installation Angle Any
    Electrical Connection G1/2 Water-proof Cable Connectors, Electric Power Wire, Signal Wire
    Voltage Optional AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 380V, DC 24V, AC 24V
    Corresponding Valve Port Size 3" (DN80, 80mm)
    05 Actuator Control Circuit A Type (Normalized Form): ON/OFF Type with Light Indicator Signal Feedback
    Voltage AC 220V DC 24V AC 380V
    Torque Output 50Nm 60Nm 70Nm
    90° Cycle Time 10S/20S/60S 8S 20S
    Working Current 0.23A 0.38A 0.16A
    Drive Motor 50W 9. 5W 51W


    Body and Valve Specification

    Body Valve components
    Corresponding Valve Port Size 3" (DN80, 80mm) Seating Material NBR, EPDM, VITON, PTFE
    Body Material Cast iron Disc Material Stainless Steel
    End Connection Wafer Flange Stem Material Stainless Steel
    Operating Pressure < 1.6MPa Applicable Media Control of Water, Air, Gas, Oil, Liquid, Steam
    Structure Midline Structure/ A-type


    Butterfly Construction

     Butterfly valve construction

    Dimension Inch D D1 D2 L H n-φd
    DN80 3" 78.8 mm 127 mm 160 mm 45 mm 252 mm 8-M16 mm

    Actuator Dimension (mm)

    Outline size 05.


    1. Remote controlled bf valve switch regulation and MODBUS, PROFIBUS Field Bus.
    2. Body made of hard aluminum alloy, which is treated by hard anodic oxidization and coated by Polyester powder with great corrosion resistance.
    3. Motor fully enclosed cage type motor is small in size and inertia, large in torque. Insulation class is F grade which can prevent motor over-heating.
    4. Manual Override energy-saving of wafer type butterfly valve with lug type, used for manual operation when electricity is off. In automatic operation, it can be fixed inside the clip for easy operation.
    5. Wafer butterfly valve indicator assembled on center axis, valve position can be observed. Outside mirror design facilitates position observation and prevents water drops accumulation.
    6. Lug type butterfly valve high sealing performance, standard protection class is IP67.
    7. Mechanical and electronic position limit switches, controlled by cam. Position set easily and accurately without any influence by handle.
    8. Electric actuator valve with lug type, compact structure, miniature size, long service life, good sealing performance, easy maintenance, quick detachable and installation.
    9. Explosion proof construction EXd II BT4.


    If you need a wafer type butterfly valve with lug type unlisted in above table, please contact us to inform your operating environment, so as to help you choose an appropriate one for your application.

    We also provide other bf valve for home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Tips: What is the ON/OFF type wafer butterfly valve function?

    1. ON-OFF actuator has two actions (0ºor 90º] when performing valve operations.
    2. The ON-OFF valve is generally used to switch off the two positions. There are two positions of full open and full closed. The function is to open or close to conduct and cut off the working medium inside.
    3. There is no special requirement for the flow characteristics, but for the switching speed, the leakage requirement is higher than that of the regulating valve.
    4. Optional voltage: AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 380V, DC 24V, AC 24V.
    5. Optional Function: over torque protectors, dehumidify heater, stainless steel coupling, yoke.


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