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    3" 2 Way/3 Way Plug Valve, DN80

    The 3-inch plug valve is designed with thermal protection to prevent burnout of the alloy housing and is corrosion and wear-resistant, making it a reliable choice for many applications. 2 Way/3 way plug valves provide excellent flow control and can be adjusted to precisely control fluid flow.
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    The 3" flanged plug valve is easy to operate and can be opened and closed quickly with a simple turn of the handle, allowing for 2-way or 3-way access. High quality manual plug valve can withstand high pressures and temperatures without leakage or failure, making them a reliable choice for many applications.


    • Model: ATO-PV-D80
    • Nominal Diameter: DN80 (3 inch)
    • Connection Type: Flange
    • Way: 2 Way, 3 way
    • Material: Carbon Steel
    • Flowing Mode: Single-phase
    • Pressure Environment: Atmospheric pressure
    • Working Temperature: High temperature


    • 3 inch plug valves have a simple design and are easy to operate, which makes them suitable for a variety of applications.
    • 2 Way/3 way plug valves typically require low torque to operate, making them easy to turn even with manual operation.
    • DN80 plug valves are highly durable and can withstand harsh operating conditions, including high pressure and high temperature environments.
    • Plug valves are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.
    • Plug valves have good throttling performance, which makes them useful in controlling the flow rate of fluids.
    • Plug valves are low maintenance, requiring minimal repair or replacement even after prolonged use.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Plug valve dimension

    Size L D D1 D2 b F n-φd H S
    DN80 300 195 160 135 20 3 8-φ18 320 45x45


    The plug valve is commonly used in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, and water treatment. It is often used in applications that involve high pressure, high temperature, and abrasive or corrosive fluids. Some specific examples of plug valve applications include pipeline isolation, flow control, throttling, and emergency shut-off. Additionally, plug valves can be used in various types of equipment, such as pumps, compressors, and tanks, to regulate fluid flow.

    Plug valve applications

    Tips: What are the advantages of plug valves?

    Plug valves are used in a variety of industries for controlling the flow of fluids. Some of the advantages of using plug valves include:

    • Quick opening and closing: Plug valves are designed to open and close quickly, allowing for rapid control of fluid flow. This makes them ideal for applications where fast response times are required.
    • Low torque: Compared to other types of valves, plug valves require relatively low torque to operate. This makes them easy to use and reduces wear and tear on the valve components.
    • Tight shutoff: Plug valves are designed to provide a tight shutoff, even in high-pressure applications. This ensures that there is no leakage of fluid, which can be critical in many industries.
    • Simple design: Plug valves have a relatively simple design, with few moving parts. This makes them easy to maintain and repair, which can reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
    • Versatility: Plug valves can be used in a wide range of applications, including corrosive and abrasive environments. They are available in a variety of materials and configurations to suit different requirements.

    Overall, plug valves offer several advantages over other types of valves, including fast response times, low torque requirements, tight shutoff, simple design, and versatility. These features make them an ideal choice for many industrial applications.

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