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    3 Phase 0.7 hp (550W) Regenerative Blower, 380V, 59 cfm

    Three-phase 0.7 hp (550W) high pressure blower for sale online. △220-240V / Y345-415V voltage, 2.8△ A / 1.6Y A current, 50 Hz frequency. It has the advantages of large air flow of 100 m³/ h (59 cfm), -110 mbar rated vacuum pressure and 120 mbar rated compress pressure.
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    Good price high pressure vortex blower can be used as aerator for fish ponds. 0.55 kW motor runs smoothly and causes lower noise.


    Model ATO-2PB310H06
    Phase 3
    Frequency 50
    Power 0.7 hp (550W)
    Voltage (AC) △220-240V / Y345-415V
    Current 2.8△ A / 1.6Y A
    Max airflow 100 m³/ h (59 cfm)
    Rated vacuum pressure -110 mbar
    Rated compress pressure 120 mbar
    Noise 55 dB (A)
    Weight 14 kg

    Dimention (Unit: mm)

    Dimension of ATO 0.7 hp regenerative blower

    A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P Q ΦR S U V (1~) V' (1~) V1 (3~) V1' (3~) YXZ X-HOLES ΦX
    268 272 93 205 2 260 92 141 101 83 108 82 69 41 G11/4 64 10 3 M6X17 / / M25X1.5 M16X1.5 M6X15 0°/ 120°/ 240° 160

    Tips: Maintenance steps of high pressure regenerative blower

    • Before maintenance, disconnect the main power supply of the high pressure regenerative blower and put up a sign.
    • Rotate the fan blade by hand, observe the rotation, and adjust the tightness of the belt or the gap and centering of the coupling.
    • Check whether the gaskets and packings on each joint surface are sealed, and replace them if necessary.
    • Clean the fan blades, the outside of the blower casing and the outer surface of the motor. When there is a lot of oil on the surface of the wind blade, it should be soaked and scrubbed with detergent.
    • Add lubricating oil (grease) to each rotating part and adjust the air valve drive mechanism to make it flexible and reliable.
    • Detect the insulation resistance of the motor windings, tighten the terminals of the power cord, and check whether the motor grounding is good.
    • Check whether the various electrical appliances in the high pressure blower control cabinet are in good condition, and fasten the terminals.
    • Check whether the air valve transmission mechanism is flexible and reliable, whether the wires are damaged, and whether the wire connectors are well tightened.
    • Turn on the main power supply of the high pressure blower and check whether the power supply indication is normal.
    • Adjust the belt pulley and belt.
    • Start the trial operation for half an hour, observe that the indicator lights of each instrument should be normal, and there is no abnormal noise in operation, then the high pressure regenerative air blower is cleaned up and can be used with confidence.
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