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    3 Phase 1 hp (750W) Regenerative Blower, 380V, 85 cfm

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    Oil-free design high pressure regenerative blower runs with three-phase 1 hp motor, the air exhaust is cleaner. It has the capacity of 145 m³/ h (85 cfm) maximum airflow, -160 rated vacuum pressure, 160 mbar rated compress pressure. Buffer airflow can reduce noise and shock.
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    Buy 750W 380 volt high-power vortex blower for industrial suction, aquaculture, textile industry, etc. The quality is good but the price is low.


    Model ATO-2PB410H16
    Phase 3
    Frequency 50
    Power 1 hp (750W)
    Voltage (AC) △220-240V / Y345-415V
    Current 4.0△ A / 2.3Y A
    Max airflow 145 m³/ h (85 cfm)
    Rated vacuum pressure -160 mbar
    Rated compress pressure 160 mbar
    Noise 63 dB (A)
    Weight 20 kg

    Dimention (Unit: mm)

    Dimension of ATO 1.1hp regenerative blower

    A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P Q ΦR S U V (1~) V' (1~) V1 (3~) V1' (3~) YXZ X-HOLES ΦX
    286 302 115 225 255 292 160 154 120 95 130 70 75 46 G11/4 72 12 3 M6X19 / / M25X1.5 M16X1.5 M6X15 0°/ 120°/ 240° 174

    Tips: High pressure regenerative blowers installation tips

    • Use flat washers and spring washers to tighten the screws.
    • It is best to use rubber buffer rubber to withstand the weight of high pressure blowers, especially for high power regenerative blowers, rubber buffer rubber is essential.
    • For some occasions that have requirements for noise, a silencer can be installed to reduce the noise (in general, it is reduced by about 5dB), and the silencer is installed at the end of the air inlet pipe or the air outlet pipe.
    • For some occasions with high requirements for noise, a layer of silencer sponge can be added according to the conditions of the high pressure regenerative blower itself to meet the noise requirements on site.
    • When using silencing foam, pay attention to the distance between the high pressure regenerative blower and the cabinet, and pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the high pressure vortex blower.
    • The inlet and outlet pipes of the high pressure blower should be connected with hoses to isolate vibration.
    Existing reviews of 3 Phase 1 hp (750W) Regenerative Blower, 380V, 85 cfm
    Powerful 3-phase regenerative blower
    I've been looking a regenerative blower to fit my work, after 2 days I bought a blower from ATO. I was so surprised beacause the 1hp regenerative blower works so powerful and steady! I didn't take so much time to install it. I highly recommend it!
    From: Yeager | Date: 26/05/2022
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