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    3 Phase 1/2 hp (400W) Regenerative Blower, 380V, 47 cfm

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    Lower cost regenerative blower is configured with a 380V motor and the power output is 400W (1/ 2 hp). It has the air flow capacity of 80m³ per hour (47 cfm). Rated vacuum pressure is -120 mbar, rated compress pressure is 130 mbar.
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    3-phase industrial vortex air blower for sale on ATO. Centrifugal circulation design, 130 mbar high pressure, 47 cfm large air volume, 53 dB lower noise.


    Model ATO-2PB210H16
    Phase 3 phase
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Power 1/ 2 hp (400W)
    Rated speed 3550 rmp
    Voltage (AC) △220-240V / Y345-415V
    Current 2.6△ A / 1.5Y A
    Max airflow 80 m³/ h (47 cfm)
    Rated vacuum pressure -120 mbar
    Rated compress pressure 130 mbar
    Noise 53 dB (A)
    Weight 13 kg

    Dimention (Unit: mm)

    Dimension of 1/2 hp regenerative blowe

    A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P Q ΦR S U V (1~) V' (1~) V1 (3~) V1' (3~) YXZ X-HOLES ΦX
    246 247 90 205 230 256 135 128 101 83 108 75 71 39 G11/4 64 10 3 M6X19 / / M25X1.5 M16X1.5 M6X15 0°/ 120°/ 240° 140

    Tips: Advantages of ATO high pressure regenerative blower

    1. ATO high pressure regenerative blower has the dual function of blowing and sucking.
    2. The air output for oil-free work is very clean. ATO users will notice that the use of oil in the blower will have a great impact on the environment, but all problems can be easily solved by purchasing our high pressure blower.
    3. The pump body of the ATO high pressure regenerative air blower adopts the shockproof equipment angle seat, which can reduce the difficulty of the equipment and can be automatically fixed, which is beneficial to the normal operation of the entire high pressure pump and can also save the equipment cost.
    4. Unlike other vortex blowers, the noise of ATO high pressure vortex blowers is very small. The higher the power of the blower, the lower the noise. This is an advantage of the overall plan of the electric blowers, and it is more environmentally friendly. This is unmatched by other traditional blowers.
    5. The mechanical wear is small. There are no other mechanical contact parts except the bearing, so the service life is very long, up to 2-6 years.
    Existing reviews of 3 Phase 1/2 hp (400W) Regenerative Blower, 380V, 47 cfm
    Powerful regenerative blower
    I received this regenerative blower two days ago. Fast delivery and well-packaged. the debugging has been completed, the power is strong, the air output is large and the quality is pretty good. It is worth buying!
    From: Bruce | Date: 07/05/2022
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