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    30mm Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Single Row

    lower cost deep groove ball bearing for sale. The single row bearing ATO showed for you is with inner diameter of 30mm, outer diameter of 90mm, and width of 23mm. This type of bearing is also called sealed deep groove ball bearing which is typically used for a wide variety of industrial products such as motor, industrial fans, transmission system, textile equipment, etc.
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    30 * 55 * 13mm bearing is a single row type of deep groove ball bearing, called sealed deep groove ball bearing too. The high speed ball bearing with a 30mm size is capable of high-speed operation and can handle both radial and axial forces, making it appropriate for a variety of machinery and equipment applications.


    • Model: ATO-6006ZZ      
    • Inner Diameter: 30mm
    • Outer Diameter: 55mm
    • Width: 13mm
    • Bearing Basic Dynamic Load: 13200N
    • Bearing Basic Static Load: 8300N
    • Bearing Material: Bearing steel 

    Dimension (unit : mm)

    30mm deep groove ball bearing dimension


    Single row deep groove ball bearing, being essential components in a wide range of industries, is known for its robust design and versatile capabilities. This single type bearing is highly regarded for its ability to handle both radial and axial loads, operate at high speeds, and provide reliable performance. Whether in the automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, or household appliance sectors, the ball bearing of single row plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient and seamless operation in numerous applications.

    Deep groove ball bearing application

    Tips: Why can single-row deep groove ball bearing be applied to many fields?

    The reasons why deep groove ball bearing of single row can be applied to many fields are mainly due to the following:

    • Simple structure: The structure of single row deep groove ball bearing is relatively simple, consisting of an inner ring, an outer ring, a rolling body and a cage. This simple structure makes it easy to manufacture, install and maintain, while also reducing costs.
    • Strong bearing capacity: The bearing of single row can withstand radial and axial loads, with high bearing capacity. It can meet a wide range of load requirements in different applications, from light to heavy load models and specifications.
    • Adapt to high-speed rotation: This type of bearing has the ability to suit low friction losses and high rotation speeds, especially the high rotation speeds, so it is also called high speed deep groove ball bearing. This makes them suitable for devices that require high-speed rotation, such as motors, engines, and fans.
    • Good axial positioning ability: The sealed deep groove ball bearings have good axial positioning ability as well, which can reduce axial deviation and vibration. This makes them very useful in applications that require precision and stability, such as machine tools and precision instruments.
    • Wide range of specifications and sizes: Single row type of bearings offer a wide range of specifications and sizes to suit the needs of different applications. Whether it is small household appliances or large industrial machinery, you can find a suitable bearing model. Hence, the deep groove ball bearing can be used for all sorts of areas.
    • Excellent overall performance: This single-row type bearing performs well in load bearing capacity, speed capacity, wear resistance, sealing and life. This allows itself to provide reliable operation and long service life in various fields.

    In summary, the deep groove ball bearing of single row has the characteristics of simple structure, strong bearing capacity, high speed rotation and good axial positioning ability, making itself an ideal choice for widely used in different industries and equipment.