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    30mm Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    Cost-effective cylindrical roller bearing features an inner diameter of 30mm, an outer diameter of 62mm, and a width of 16mm, the accuracy class is P5. The single-row cylindrical roller bearing has good load-carrying capacity and long service life.
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    Lower price cylindrical roller bearing with an inner diameter of 30mm, the accuracy class P5, and oil lubrication limit speed of 85000 rpm. The roller bearings have baffles on both sides of the outer ring and ribs on one side of the inner ring, which can bear a certain amount of unidirectional axial load.


    • Model: ATO-NJ206EM
    • Inner diameter: 30mm
    • Outer diameter: 62mm
    • Width: 16mm
    • Accuracy class: P5
    • Oil lubrication limit speed: 8500 rpm
    • Grease lubrication limit speed: 11000 rpm
    • Cr: 36 kN
    • Cor: 35.5 kN
    • Bearing material: Bearing steel

    Dimension (mm)

    Dimension of 30mm cylindrical roller bearing


    Cylindrical roller bearing application

    Tips: Precaution for cylindrical roller bearings?

    • Vibration: In normal use, vibration is quite sensitive to bearing damage, and peeling, indentation, rust, cracks, wear, etc. will be reflected in bearing vibration measurement. Therefore, the size of the vibration can be measured by using a special bearing vibration measuring device (frequency analyzer, etc.), and the specific situation of the abnormality can be inferred from the frequency distribution. The measured value differs depending on the service conditions of the bearing or the installation position of the sensor, etc., so it is necessary to analyze and compare the measured value of each machine in advance to determine the judgment standard.
    • Temperature: High temperature often indicates that the cylindrical roller bearing has been in an abnormal condition. High temperatures are also detrimental to bearing lubricants. Sometimes bearing overheating can be attributed to the lubricant of the bearing. If the bearing is continuously rotated at a temperature exceeding 125°C for a long time, the life of the bearing will be reduced. The causes of high temperature bearings include: insufficient lubrication or excessive lubrication, impurities in the bearing raceway, high limit speed, long-term overloading of the bearing, etc.
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