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    20mm Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    Cheap price single-row cylindrical roller bearing for sale online. The cylindrical roller bearing comes with inner diameter of 20mm, outer diameter of 47mm, and width of 14mm. The 20mm roller bearing has the advantages of low noise, low consumption, load resistance, and it can extend service time.
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    Lower cost cylindrical roller bearing with an inner diameter of 20mm, the accuracy class P5, oil lubrication limit speed of 16000 rpm, grease lubrication limit speed of 12000 rpm. The single-row cylindrical roller bearing has uniform rotation speed, low noise and good work efficiency when coordinating with machinery.


    • Model: ATO-NJ204EM
    • Inner diameter: 20mm
    • Outer diameter: 47mm
    • Width: 14mm
    • Accuracy class: P5
    • Oil lubrication limit speed: 16000 rpm
    • Grease lubrication limit speed: 12000 rpm
    • Cr: 25.8 kN
    • Cor: 24 kN
    • Bearing material: Bearing steel

    Dimension (mm)

    Dimension of 20mm cylindrical roller bearing


    Cylindrical roller bearing application

    Tips: How to adjust the radial clearance of cylindrical roller bearings?

    1. For the side clearance of cylindrical and elliptical bearings, it can be adjusted by manual scraping or the method of trimming and scraping after turning the face of the bearing and padding.
    2. For the top clearance of cylindrical and elliptical bearing pads, it can be adjusted by manual scraping or adding pads to the bearing surface when the situation permits.
    3. For multi-oil wedge fixed bearing pads, in principle, it is not allowed to repair and adjust the gap between the bearing pads. If the gap is not suitable, replace it with a new one.
    4. For the multi-oil wedge tilting bearing pad, it is not allowed to repair the scraping pad, and the pad should be replaced if the gap is not suitable. For tiles with adjustable thickness, the amount of tiles can be adjusted by adding a stainless steel pad under the adjustment block behind the tile, or by reducing the thickness of the adjustment block. Note that for multi-oil wedge tilting bearing pads, the thickness error between pads in the same group should be less than 0.01mm.



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