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    3W Metal Film Resistor, 1 Ohm to 1M Ohm

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    The 100 Ohm metal film resistors are rated at 3W, with custom low/high resistance resistors available. Metal film resistors with their stability, tight tolerances, high accuracy and low temperature coefficient are preferred for applications in audio circuits and sensitive electronic devices.
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    3 watt metal film resistors have excellent power handling capabilities, allowing them to withstand high power loads without compromising accuracy or introducing excessive heat. Metal film resistors are used in a wide range of electronic circuits, power supplies, industrial controls, and communication systems.


    • Model: ATO-MFR-3W
    • Power Rating: 3W
    • Max. Operating Voltage: 500V
    • Max. Overload Voltage: 1000V
    • Maximum Intermittent Overload: 1000V
    • Withstand Voltage: 1000V
    • Tolerance: ±1%
    • Temperature Coefficient (15- 25ppm): 51.1Ω-1MΩ
    • Temperature Coefficient (50ppm): 10Ω-2.2MΩ
    • Temperature Coefficient (100ppm): 10Ω-1MΩ


    • Metal film resistors have a wide operating frequency range and low noise levels, making them suitable for use in high frequency circuits.
    • Metal film resistors offer stable voltage and low temperature coefficient.
    • Metal film resistors feature good heat resistance and stable performance.
    • Metal film resistors come in a wide range of resistance values and have rated power.
    • 3 watt metal film resistors are available with a tolerance of 1%.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Metal film resistor dimensions

    L±2 I D H d±0.05
    94 17.5±1.0 6.0±0.5 37±2.0 0.70

    Power Derating Curve

    Power derating curve


    Metal film resistors are widely used in various electronic devices and applications, including telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, and more. They are commonly found in amplifier circuits, power supplies, instrumentation, and other electronic systems where precise and stable resistance values are required.

    Metal film resistor applications

    Tips: What are the advantages of metal film resistors?

    • Stability: Metal film resistors have excellent long-term stability, meaning their resistance value remains relatively constant over time. They are less prone to drift or change in value due to aging or environmental factors compared to carbon composition resistors.
    • Low Noise: Metal film resistors have inherently low noise levels, making them suitable for applications where signal integrity and low noise are crucial, such as in audio circuits or sensitive electronic devices.
    • Tight Tolerance: Metal film resistors typically have tighter resistance tolerances compared to other types of resistors. This means that the actual resistance value of a metal film resistor is closer to its nominal or specified value, allowing for more precise circuit design and better matching of components.
    • High Precision: Metal film resistors can be manufactured with high precision, enabling them to achieve precise resistance values. This is especially important in applications where accurate and stable resistance values are required, such as in precision measurement equipment or control systems.
    • Low Temperature Coefficient: Metal film resistors have a low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), meaning their resistance value changes relatively little with temperature variations. This characteristic makes them suitable for applications where temperature changes can affect circuit performance, as they provide more stable resistance values across a wide temperature range.
    • Better Power Handling: Metal film resistors generally have higher power ratings compared to carbon composition or metal oxide resistors. This allows them to handle higher power dissipation without significant temperature rise or damage, making them suitable for high-power applications.
    • Lower Voltage Coefficient: Metal film resistors have a low voltage coefficient of resistance (VCR), which means their resistance values are less affected by voltage variations. This makes them more suitable for applications where voltage changes can impact circuit performance.
    • Reliability: Metal film resistors have good reliability and durability characteristics, with low failure rates and high resistance to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and mechanical stress.
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    Using these for ham radio projects. They are organized well,great value.
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