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    4" 3 Way Diaphragm Valve

    Economical price 3 way diaphragm valve is a type of stainless steel control valve designed with three trip clamp ports for fluid control, 4 inch (DN100) port size, 316L stainless steel body material. It is widely used for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and chemical processing, offering reliable and efficient fluid-handling solutions.
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    3 way stainless steel diaphragm valve has three tri clamp ports, allowing for the control or diversion of fluid flow among the ports. This 3 way diaphragm valve is commonly used in various industrial applications, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, water treatment, and chemical processing. The key component in a diaphragm valve is the flexible diaphragm, which separates the flow medium from the valve mechanism.


    • Model: ATO-3WDV-DN100
    • Size: 4 inch (DN100)
    • Driving Mode: Manual, with Closing Limit Device
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 10bar (Ethylene Propylene Rubber or Fluorinated Rubber Diaphragm), 6bar (Polytetrafluoroethylene Diaphragm)
    • Maximum Operating Temperature: 150℃ (Depending on Usage Conditions)
    • Diaphragm Material (Optional): Ethylene Propylene Rubber, Fluorinated Rubber, Polytetrafluoroethylene
    • Valve Body Material: 316L Stainless Steel
    • Interface Mode: Quick Installation (Tri Clamp Connection)

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    3 way diaphragm valve dimension

    Size D L L1 T
    4 inch (DN1100) 101.6 304.8 231.8 2.11


    3 way diaphragm valve application

    Tips: Can a 3 way diaphragm valve be used for throttling applications?

    Yes, 3 way diaphragm valves are well-suited for throttling applications. The valve's design, with a flexible diaphragm that can be precisely controlled, allows for effective regulation of fluid flow. This flexibility enables the valve to handle throttling duties by modulating the size of the flow passage. The diaphragm's ability to provide accurate and repeatable positioning makes three way diaphragm valves reliable for maintaining desired flow rates. Additionally, the design often eliminates the need for dynamic seals, reducing the risk of leakage during throttling. However, the extent of throttling capability may vary depending on the specific valve model and its intended application. Overall, 3 way diaphragm valves offer a versatile solution for applications requiring precise control and modulation of fluid flow.

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