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    40/5 MFD Air Conditioner Capacitor, Dual Run Capacitor

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    Reliable 40/5 mfd AC capacitor has a dual run capacitor, designed for air conditioners. 450V high voltage capacitor offers the initial jolt of electricity your air conditioner’s motors need to run. High-performance air conditioner capacitor can help the motor start and run well.
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    Low cost 40+5 mfd air conditioner capacitor is used for air conditioners, refrigerators and compressors. It is also an HVAC capacitor that helps the motor start and run. Factory price 450V power capacitor with a dual run capacitor works perfectly.

    Features and applications

    40+5 mfd air conditioner capacitor has advantages of low dissipation, high insulation resistance, good self-healing character, anti-striking current, strong over-carrier capacity and steady electric performance, and reliable safety with the inner anti-explosion device, etc. It is applied in air conditioning, refrigerator, and compressor. ATO air conditioner capacitor is helpful for motors starting and running.


    Model: ATO-CBB65-405
    Ambient Temperature: -40~85℃
    Rated Voltage (AC): 450V
    Range of Capacitance: 1+1~80+15
    Testing Voltage (VAC): T-T: 2Un/2S, T-C: ≥2400VAC/2S
    Dissipation Factor: tan δ≤0.002 (100Hz)
    Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Capacitance Tolerance: ±5% or fulfilled upon request

    40/5 MFD Air Conditioner Capacitor Dimensions (D: 50mm H: 125mm)

    Air conditioner capacitor dimensions

    Tips: Working principle of air conditioner capacitor

    The single-phase compressor of an air conditioner needs a capacitor to split the phase in the process of starting. The capacitor is easy to overload when it runs under a higher voltage of 220V in the household. Whether the capacitor is good or bad directly affects the start of the compressor, so the air conditioner can not start normally should first check the capacitor, capacitor damage is also often seen.

    A capacitor induction motor has two windings, respectively, for a start winding and run winding. In the start winding in series with a large-capacity capacitor. When the running winding and the starting winding pass through a single-phase alternating current, the starting winding makes the starting winding current 90 degrees ahead of the running winding in time due to the capacitor, and the motor generates induction current when the magnetic field rotates, and the current interacts with the rotating magnetic field to make the motor rotate. The above is the explanation of the principle of the air conditioner capacitors.

    Existing reviews of 40/5 MFD Air Conditioner Capacitor, Dual Run Capacitor
    Excellent replacement
    This 40 5 mfd air conditioner capacitor was very easy to install, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, I had the capacitor up and running in no time and my AC unit was working again.
    From: Lila | Date: 29/03/2023
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    Excellent 40/5 MFD air conditioner capacitor
    My air conditioner tripped the circuit breaker because of a bad capacitor. I installed this new one and my air conditioner works again. It did a good job.
    From: Donna | Date: 23/11/2022
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    Very high quality air conditioning capacitors
    So far my external unit (heat pump) is running very smoothly. The price of the capacitors is very attractive and I bought a lot of them at once, plus they seem to be of high quality. I will update this review in a summer or two and let you know how these AC capacitors perform in the harsh Arizona summers.
    From: Joseph | Date: 22/11/2022
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    Just what the AC needed
    Good quality, easy and safe to install. This 40/5 mfd air conditioner capacitor is exactly what I need. Replaced my bad capacitor with this one and now my AC is blowing cold.
    From: Thomas P. | Date: 30/06/2022
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    Great AC capacitor repalcement
    Last week my air conditioner stopped working. We were told the capacitor was bad. This is an excellent replacement for the air conditioner capacitor. Now, I can continue to enjoy the air conditioner again.
    From: Sapphire | Date: 29/06/2022
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    Perfect replacement
    This air conditioner capacitor is larger than the one I replaced before, but it was an easy fix, plugged in and fired right up, worked as expected and fixed my AC unit.
    From: Gani | Date: 28/06/2022
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