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    5.5 hp Belt Driven Air Compressor, 11/16/21/24 Gallon

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    High quality belt driven air compressor has double or triple cylinder pump versions that powered by a single phase 5.5 hp (4 kW) electric motor, 8 bar 115 PSI maximum pressure, is Ideal for powering all commonly used air tools and spray equipment.
    SKU: ATO-COMPR-505
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    5.5 hp Belt Driven Air Compressor Features

    • Powered by 5.5 hp (4 kW), 120V AC, 60Hz single motor belt driven air compressor
    • 11 gal., 16 gal., 21 gal., 24 gal. tank capacity are optional
    • Ball bearings on each side of crankshaft for smooth running and durability
    • High reliable and durable valve, strong aluminum alloy body
    • Portable with small size, low cost, oil save and energy save

    16 Gal. Air Compressor Description

    Model 0128G
    Size 93 (L)*38 (W)*78 (H) CM
    Type of the Air Copmpressor Belt driven
    Tank Capacity 16 Gal. (Can be customized)
    Motor Power 5.5 hp, 4 kW (Can be customized)
    Power Source AC Power
    Voltage 120V, 60Hz (Can be customized)
    Air Delivery 184L/Min, 7.1 CFM
    Maximum Pressure 8 Bar, 125 PSI
    maximum Speed 1050 rpm
    Certification CE, ROHS, CCC, ISO
    Noise Level with 80DB
    Warranty 1 Year
    Cooling Method Air Cooling

    Choose Your Air Compressor
    You could choose different type of 5.5 hp belt driven air compressor pump with different capacity of air tank.

    Model Gal. kW HP Cylinder L/min RPM PSI CFM Bar Size (cm)
    00368G 11 4 5.5 51x1 108 1400 115 3.8 8 75*31*65
    0128G 16 4 5.5 51x2 184 1050 115 7.1 8 93*38*78
    0258G 21 4 5.5 65x2 200 1400 115 14.5 8 102*58*75
    0368G 24 4 5.5 65x3 501 1050 115 17.6 8 122*43*89

    Note: Tell us your application needs, we can customize the air compressor to meet your precise power, tank capacity, air delivery and rated voltage requirements.
    Air Compressor Applications
    2hp air compressor applicationTips: Cooling method of air compressor
    Whether it is a piston air compressor or a screw air compressor, it must be cooled during use. The traditional cooling methods mainly include air cooling and water cooling. Generally, according to discharge capacity, medium and small size air compressors basically use air cooling while large, medium size air compressors mostly water cooling.
    In the process of use, how to select the cooling mode of the air compressor also needs to be based on the ambient temperature, humidity and water resources. At present, the cooling hot air of an air-cooled compressor is discharged to the outside using an axial flow fan tube. The cooling system of a water-cooled compressor is pumped through a water-cooled system. The cooling hot water discharged from the compressor is used in the operation of the compressor through the pump valve. With air cooling and water cooling methods, the heat energy generated during the operation of the compressor will be dissipated in the air and will be in a state of energy consumption during the cooling process.

    Existing reviews of 5.5 hp Belt Driven Air Compressor, 11/16/21/24 Gallon
    Engine provides plenty of power to keep it charged with air
    Great customer service. Handle broken but that was Minor as customer service ammediatly corrected within a few days. No drama involved. Also it has two outlets. Great option as you can use impact and air nozzle without continuously plugging and unplugging. I also left town for a couple of weeks I came back and when I plugged it in it still had a full load of air I did not leak anything out so it's a very well built item. It looks like it's going to last a very long time in the five horsepower motor has plenty of power to keep it charged with air.
    From: Sherene | Date: 23/08/2022
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