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    5V DC Micro Water Turbine Generator

    Buy a small water turbine generator online, with 5V DC regulated output, for charging mobile phones and lithium batteries with charge management chip. This DC 5V water turbine generator is made of high quality materials, has a robust construction, low noise level, and works reliably.
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    Buy a water turbine generator for home use, with 5V DC regulated output, to charge your mobile phone or a lithium battery with charge management chip. ATO portable water turbine is a micro hydroelectric generator that converts the potential energy of water into electrical energy and helps you to charge all kinds of things!


    • Model: ATO-F50-5V
    • Peak Output Voltage: DC 5V regulated output
    • Inter-Wire Resistance: 10.5±0.5Ω
    • Insulation Resistance: 10MΩ (DC100 megohm meter)
    • Peak Withstand Pressure at Closed Outlet: 0.6Mpa
    • Open Outlet Peak Withstand Pressure: 1.2Mpa
    • Starting Water Pressure: 0.05Mpa
    • Axial Clearance: 0.2-1.0mm
    • Mechanical Noise: ≤55dB
    • Generator Weight: About 90g
    • Generator Life: ≥3000h
    • Installation: Installed in the direction of the arrow, standard household plumbing 4-pipe
    • External Diameter: 20mm
    • Inner Diameter: 13mm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Water turbine dimension

    Hydraulic/voltage diagram

    Hydraulic voltage diagram

    Water pressure/ velocity diagram

    Water pressure velocity diagram


    Water turbines are commonly used in various applications where hydroelectric power can be harnessed from moving water sources. Water turbines are also used in smaller scale applications such as irrigation systems, rural electrification, and in off-grid communities where hydroelectric power is a reliable and sustainable source of energy.

    Water turbine applications

    Tips: What flow conditions and water quality are hydroelectric generators suitable for?

    Hydroelectric generators are suitable for a wide range of flow conditions and water qualities, but certain parameters may affect their efficiency and operation.

    Flow conditions:

    • The ideal flow condition for a hydroelectric generator is a steady and consistent flow of water with a high volume and velocity.
    • High flow rates are preferable as they generate more power, but excessively high flow rates may damage the generator.
    • Low flow rates may reduce the power output of the generator or even stop it from functioning altogether.
    • Waterfalls, rapids, and other areas with high vertical drops or natural obstructions are ideal locations for hydroelectric generators.

    Water quality:

    • Hydroelectric generators require water that is free of large debris, such as rocks or logs, that can damage the turbines.
    • Water quality may affect the operation of the generator, particularly the buildup of sediment and algae that can clog the intake and reduce efficiency.
    • Water temperature can also affect the performance of the generator, as warmer water has a lower density and may reduce the power output of the turbine.
    • The pH of the water may affect the corrosion resistance of the generator and the lifespan of its components.

    Overall, hydroelectric generators are most suitable for locations with high flow rates and consistent water flow, and where water quality can be maintained to prevent damage to the generator and maximize its efficiency.

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