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    6" Dual Plate Wafer Check Valve

    Hot selling 6" (DN150) wafer check valve is designed for regulating the flow of fluid through pipelines. Dual plate check valve is commonly used in water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas pipelines, and industrial processing.
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    Order a 6" dual plate check valve from a better manufacturer. The wafer check valve provides low price, ductile iron materials, PN 1.6MPa, DN150, can respond quickly and reliably to changes in flow direction.


    • Model: ATO-DH77X-16Q
    • Nominal Diameter: 6 inch (DN150)
    • Nominal Pressure: PN1 .6MPa
    • Working Temperature: -15℃~150℃
    • Material: Ductile Iron
    • Connection Method: Clip
    • Suitable Mediums: Fresh Water, Foul Water, Air Steam, Food Medicines, Chemical Reagents, Various Oil and Acid Resemble.


    Dual plate check valve dimension

    DN D D1 D2 L R t Weight
    mm inch
    150 6 192 145 116.9 70 65.7 30 7.3kg


    The dual plate check valve is a versatile valve used to regulate the flow of fluids through a pipeline. Its compact design and efficient operation make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas pipelines, and industrial processing.

    Dual plate check valve applications

    Tips for installing a dual plate wafer check valve

    • Proper alignment: Make sure that the valve is installed in the correct orientation and that the flow direction is correct. The arrow on the valve body should point in the direction of flow.
    • Proper torque: Use the correct torque values when tightening the bolts that secure the valve between the flanges. Over-tightening can damage the valve, while under-tightening can cause leaks.
    • Proper gasket: Use the appropriate gasket material for the application and ensure that it is properly installed. The gasket should be placed between the valve and the flange faces to prevent leaks.
    • Proper pipe support: Make sure that the piping system is adequately supported to prevent undue stress on the valve.
    • Proper cleaning: Clean the valve thoroughly before installation to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during storage or transport.
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