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    8 Gallons Pneumatic Grease Pump

    Get a pneumatic grease pumps at economical price. The clips on both sides of the barrel are specially designed to ensure an excellent seal. Air-operated grease pumps with 30L/8gal large capacity have an accurate scale pressure gauge to display real-time conditions. The pressure regulator can effectively adjust the pressure according to the actual situation.
    SKU: ATO-OW-011
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    Best portable grease pump for 8-gallon barrels. 50:1 pump ratio, 73-145psi air pressure, 0.2gal/min delivery capacity and 34mm stroke are available. The grease can be fed into various equipment such as cars, planes, or trucks through air-oiling guns.


    Model: ATO-OW-008
    Pump Ratio:
    Air Pressure:
    Delivery Rate:
    Grease Output Pressure:
    Stroke: 34mm
    Air Cylinder Diameter: 70mm
    Drum Height: 325mm
    Net Weight:
    Package Included:
    1*4 Gallons Pneumatic Grease Pump, 1*Universal Grease Gun, 1*4m Grease Hose

    8 Gallons Pneumatic Grease Pump Details

    Details of 8 gallons pneumatic grease pump

    Details of 8 gallons pneumatic grease pump

    Types of pneumatic grease pumps

    It can be divided into pneumatic grease pumps, manual grease pumps and electric grease pumps. The manual grease pump uses the pressure bar type grease pump to inject grease into the lubricating part of the beam pumping unit. The labor intensity of workers is high and easy to fatigue, which seriously reduces the work efficiency, so pneumatic grease pumps and electric grease pumps come into being. There is little difference between a pneumatic grease pump and an electric grease pump, only in the power source.

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