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    8 Ton Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp

    Buy heavy duty 8 ton vertical plate lifting clamp with 0~60 jaw opening at factory price. The vertical plate lifting clamp is widely used for vertical lifting steel plates, which enhances efficiency, reduces manual handling risks, and streamlines material handling processes.
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    Vertical plate lifting clamp is a specialized device used to securely lift and transport vertical plates or sheets of material. It is designed with a durable construction, typically featuring strong steel jaws or grippers, which can be easily attached to the edges of the plate.


    • The lifting clamp is a standard design clamp for vertical lifting of steel plates and steel structures.
    • The spring loaded tightening lock mechanism assures a positive initial clamping force.
    • The vertical lifting plate clamp is equipped with a safety mechanism, ensuring it does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is being lowered.
    • It is locked in closed as well as in open position.
    • High-frequency quenching of die forged special alloy steels gives greater durability to the lifting clamp.


    • Model: ATO-VLC-CDH8
    • Max. Working Load of 2 Plate Clamps: 8 Ton
    • Jaw Opening: 0~60mm
    • Weight: 26kg

    Note*: During hoisting operations, 2 or multiple vertical plate lifting clamps are required to be used together.


    8 Ton vertical plate lifting clamp applications

    Tips: How do you use a vertical plate lifting clamp?

    A vertical plate lifting clamp is a device used to lift and transport vertical steel plates or other heavy objects in a vertical position. So how to use a vertical plate lifting clamp?

    • Inspect the clamp for any signs of damage or wear before use.
    • Ensure that the clamp is suitable for the weight and thickness of the plate to be lifted.
    • Position the clamp on the plate, ensuring that the jaws securely grip the material.
    • Adjust the clamp's gripping mechanism according to the plate's thickness.
    • Engage the lifting equipment (e.g., crane or hoist) and attach it securely to the clamp's lifting eye.
    • Test the clamp's grip by slightly lifting the plate off the ground.
    • Once confirmed, lift the plate slowly and smoothly, ensuring that the load is balanced.
    • Move and position the plate as required, following safe lifting practices.
    • Lower the plate carefully to the desired location and release the clamp's grip.
    • Inspect the plate and clamp after use for any damage and store them properly for future use.
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