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    Air Compressor Pressure Switch 1-35bar

    Air compressor pressure switch equipped with unloading valve for sale. Pressure adjustment range 1-35bar, interface standard G1/2 or 1/2 NPT or R1/2 internal thread. Work in temperature -25℃~80℃, protection class IP20 and long electrical life 100,000 times. Compressor pressure switch come with an overload protection for thermal relay, and motor power can be cut off in time. No handle. Wildly apply in air compressor water pump, screw machine and pressure gauge and so on.
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    Compressor pressure switch with overload protection and unloading valve. Equipped with manual switch knob, interface standard G1/2 or 1/2NPT or R1/2 internal screw, work in -25℃~80℃ and protection class IP20. Easy to install, safe and convenient.


    Model ATO-LF12
    Pressure adjustment range 1-6bar 3-11bar 6-16bar 5-25bar 12-35bar
    Differential pressure adjustment range 0.7-2bar 1.5-3.5bar 2-7bar 3-8bar 3-8bar
    Factory settings 2-3bar 6-8bar 9-12bar 16- 20bar 25-30bar
    Rated voltage/Electric current Single phase 120VAC/10A; 230VAC/10A;
    Three-phase 120VAC/10A; 230VAC/10A;
    400VAC/7.5A; 400VAC/11A;
    500VAC/6A; 500VAC/9A;
    690VAC/4.5A; 690VAC/6.5A
    Contact method Normally closed
    Interface standard G1/2 or 1/2NPT or R1/2 internal screw
    Interface thread G1 external thread
    Rated voltage 380V
    Differential pressure 0.1 bar
    Diaphragm material 304 stainless steel
    Measuring range 1~50kPa
    Rated current 220A
    Medium temperature range -20°C~85°C
    Contact type SPST
    Compressive strength 700psi
    Installation size Threaded installation
    Electrical life 100,000 times
    Operating temperature -25℃~80℃
    Mechanical life 100,000 times
    Degree of protection IP20
    Contact material Silver
    Sensor type Differential pressure sensor


    Dimension (MM)

    Compressor pressure switch dimension



    1. Air pressure switch has long service life of 100,000 times, good air tightness and stability.
    2. Compressor pressure switch is suitable for air compressors, water pump equipment, screw machine equipment, pressure gauges.
    3. Air compressor switch with unloading valve to avoid overload, aluminum oxidation process, four-way base, overload protection to cut off the motor power in time. Safe and easy installation.
    4. Air compressor switch equipped with an overload protection thermal relay, which can cut off the motor power in time, making the performance more convenient and controllable
    5. Air pressure switch for air compressor with manual switch knob, various interface forms and interface threads are optional.
    6. With protection class IP20 and work in -25℃~80℃.


    1-35bar Air Compressor Pressure Switch Details

    Tips: How to adjust air compressor switch?

    1. One is that the pressure difference is fixed by the switch itself, and only the automatic shutdown pressure is adjusted. This kind of switch has two knobs adjusted by a flat-head screwdriver on the switch. The two knobs must be adjusted in unison, otherwise they will stop when they start together, and start again when they stop.
    2. The other one is to adjust the starting pressure (low pressure) and the other to adjust the stop pressure (high pressure).
    3. Air compressor pressure adjustment: Turn the pressure adjustment screw clockwise to increase the closing and disconnecting pressure synchronously. Turn the pressure adjustment screw counterclockwise, the closing and opening pressures decrease synchronously.
    4. Pressure difference adjustment: Turn the pressure difference adjustment screw clockwise, the closing pressure remains unchanged, and the breaking pressure increases. Turn the differential pressure adjustment screw counterclockwise, the closing pressure remains unchanged, and the opening pressure decreases.
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