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    Air Compressor Pressure Switch 240V

    Air compressor pressure switch 240V equipped with hardware engineering plastic shell for sale. Electrical life up to 100,000 times and work in -25℃~80℃. Air pressure switch come with relief valve pressure switch to avoid overload. Rated voltage/current AC 240V/20A, AC 120V/26A. Optional single-way, four-way style. Four way base makes installation more convenient and pressure closed 6.0kgf/cm2, open 8.0kgf/cm2.
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    Air compressor pressure switch 240V equipped with relief valve pressure switch and four way base. Work in temperature -25℃~80℃. Rated voltage/current AC 240V/20A, AC 120V/26A. Widely used in air compressor, water pump, pressure gauge.


    Model ATO-LF10-L1H ATO-LF10-L4H
    Interface standard G1/4, G3/8 or 1/4, 3/8 inner screw G1/4, G3/8 or 1/4, 3/8 NPT internal screw (cross)
    Pressure adjustment range kgf/cm² 3.0-12.5
    Differential pressure (non-adjustable) kgf/cm² 2.0/2.5/3.0
    Factory setting kgf/cm² 6.0-8.0
    Rated voltage/current 240VAC/20A 240VAC/26A
    Contact method Normally closed
    Pressure setting Closed 6.0 kgf/cm²; Opened 8.0 kgf/cm²
    Wiring Threaded connection
    Shell material Hardware, engineering plastics
    Protection function Edge of safety
    Electrical life 100,000 times
    3C rated voltage range 36V and below
    Operating temperature -25℃~80℃
    Warranty 12 months
    Contact material Silver
    Measuring range 1~50kPa


    Dimension (MM)

    Air compressor pressure switch size 240V


    1. Air compressor pressure switch equipped with compact shell made of hardware, engineering plastics, adopts aluminum oxidation process technology, easy installation, stable performance.
    2. Compressor pressure switch come with relief valve to avoid overload, long service life.
    3. Air compressor switch has electrical life 100,000 times, work in -25℃~80℃, rated voltage/current AC 240V/20A, AC 120V/26A.
    4. Four-way base, can make the installation of exhaust valve and pressure gauge easier, flat and smooth, not easy to damage, and the performance is more convenient and controllable
    5. A variety of air compressor pressure switch styles are available: single-way/four-way.
    6. Special factory settings and differential pressure can be provided upon request. Other interfaces can be customized according to customer requirements. Unit conversion: 1kgf/cm2= 14.2psi 1bar=14.5psi


    240V Air Compressor Pressure Switch Details

    Tips: What is the reason for the air compressor pressure switch leaking?

    1. If the pressure switch of the air compressor leaks air, first check whether it is caused by a failure of the one-way check valve, such as if it needs to be replaced in time.
    2. If it is not caused by the failure of the one-way check valve, then check whether the gasket of the one-way check valve is full of oil mist. If so, replace the gasket, or get a rubber pad of the same size and place it on the seal. The underside of the pad is reinforced to prevent air leakage.
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