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    Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

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    Automatic shoe cover dispenser machine for sale. Internal voltage DC 12V, external power AC220V /110V, 50/60HZ, 75W. With Intelligent electronic control, the high shoe cover rate is 100% and the maximum stored shoe covers reach 200 pieces. Come with a PE shoe cover of 200 pieces, a CPE shoe cover of 160 pieces, non-woven shoe cover of 100 pieces. Out shoe cover speed 3 seconds/piece, easy to operate. Widely apply in homes, kitchens, laboratories, exhibitions, etc.
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    With external power supply AC 220V/110V, 50/60HZ, automatic shoe cover machines widely used in factories, hospitals, dust-free workshops, automobile exhibition halls, computer rooms, and so on.


    Model ATO-SK-CL
    Product Size 63*31*101 (CM)
    Net Weight 20KG
    Set Out Speed 3 second/piece
    External Power Supply AC 220V / 110V, 50 / 60HZ
    Internal Working Voltage DC 12V
    PE Shoe Cover Capacity 200 pieces
    CPE Shoe Cover Capacity 160 pieces
    Non-woven Shoe Cover Capacity 100 pieces
    Material All steel movement
    Application Field Factory, office, home, museum, etc.


    1. The replacement of the shoe cover machine is quick and fast, and the installation is completed in 5 seconds.
    2. The automatic shoe cover dispenser set is fast, 3 seconds each.
    3. The grapple automatically closes and is 100% out of the sleeve. There is no crossbar in the middle of the foot hole.
    4. All-round infrared sensor switch monitors anti-pinch feet, safe and secure.
    5. The maximum number of stored shoe covers of automatic shoe cover machines is 200 pieces, no need to replace them frequently.
    6. Automatic shoe cover with fault automatic alarm and intelligent electronic control, fault code is automatically displayed.
    7. The number of non-woven shoe covers that can be installed is half of that of PE shoe covers.


    Shoe Cover Dispenser Panel 

    A. ON/OFF button C. Power pilot lamp F. Display board
    B. Setting button D. Running pilot lamp E. Warning light


    Left picture: Shoe Cover Box Placement Direction Guide

    Right picture: The shoe cover is pulled out by the grab hook from the side opening of the box and spreads open for greater stability

    Shoe cover dispenser box

    Tips: The benefits of using an automatic shoe cover dispenser

    1. The emergence of the automatic shoe cover machine has completely relieved us of the trouble and inconvenience of taking off the door, changing shoes, and lifting the foot too high.
    2. The hidden danger of athlete's foot transmission caused by taking off and changing shoes is eliminated. At the same time, it also avoids the restraint and embarrassment caused by perforated socks or foot odor when friends visit the door and is an indispensable practical necessity in daily life.
    3. The automatic shoe cover machine is widely used in factories, real estate, hospitals, conference rooms, hotels, hotels, offices, laboratories, computer rooms, halls, and other places with high cleaning requirements and high-end families.
    Existing reviews of Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser
    This is so easy to set up and use
    Great quality, and value for the money. Saves my carpet and floors- from visitors and is easier than asking people to remove their shoes.
    From: Mario | Date: 01/12/2023
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