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    Dielectric Strength Insulating Oil Tester, 0 ~ 100KV

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    Dielectric strength insulating oil tester for sale at economical price, it comes with 0 ~ 100 KV measuring range, 1 experimental cup and LCD display to measure the dielectric strength and quality of insulating oils. This transformer oil tester is commonly used in the electrical power industry to assess the condition of insulating oils used in transformers, circuit breakers, and other high-voltage equipment.
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    A dielectric strength instating oil tester with 0~100KV measuring range, typically uses a high-voltage source to apply a voltage across two electrodes submerged in the oil sample. The voltage is gradually increased until the oil breaks down, causing an electrical discharge between the electrodes. ATO transformer oil tester comes with LCD display which can show the oil parameters including acidity, interfacial tension and dissipation factor. 


    • The dielectric strength oil tester is controlled by dual CPU microcomputer.
    • A series of operations such as boosting, returning to zero, stirring, displaying, calculating, and printing are automatically completed.
    • The transformer insulating oil tester has over-voltage, over-current, and automatic zero-return protection devices to ensure safety and reliability.
    • The transformer oil tester adopts automatic sine wave generating device and stepless voltage regulation method to increase the pressure, so that its voltage is more stable and reliable.
    • The data is automatically stored, and can be recalled and printed at any time.
    • The dielectric strength oil tester adopts dry-type transformer combination, which is small in size, light in weight and easy to use.


    • Model: ATO-BDV-A1160-100KV
    • Number of Experimental Cups: 1 cup
    • Display Mode: LCD Display
    • Measuring Range: 0 ~ 100 KV
    • Voltage Distortion Rate: <3%
    • Boosting Speed: 0.5 ~ 5KV/S (Adjustable)
    • Accuracy: 2%
    • Resolution: 0.01 KV
    • Standing Time: 0 ~ 15 Minutes (Adjustable)
    • Boost Interval: 0 ~ 5 Minutes (Adjustable)
    • Boost Time: 1 to 9 Times
    • Booster Capacity: 1.5 KVA
    • Measurement Accuracy: ±3%
    • Power Supply Voltage: AC 220V ± 10% 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
    • Power: 200W
    • Applicable Temperature: 0℃ ~ 45℃
    • Applicable Humidity: <75%RH
    • Dimension: 490mm×430mm×420mm
    • Weight: 25.7kg

    Tips: Dielectric oil tester applications

    • Transformer Maintenance: Dielectric strength oil testers are extensively used in transformer maintenance programs. They help assess the condition of the insulating oil, detect any contaminants or degradation, and determine if the oil needs to be replaced or treated. Regular testing can help identify potential issues and prevent transformer failures.
    • Oil Quality Assessment: Dielectric insulating oil testers are used to evaluate the quality and suitability of insulating oils before their use in electrical equipment. They can determine parameters such as dielectric breakdown voltage, acidity, moisture content, and power factor, which are crucial for ensuring proper insulation performance.
    • Condition Monitoring: Transformer oil testers are employed for ongoing condition monitoring of insulating oils in electrical equipment. By regularly testing the oil, changes in its dielectric strength and other properties can be detected, providing early indications of potential equipment failures or insulation problems.
    • Oil Reclamation and Regeneration: In cases where the insulating oil has degraded or become contaminated, dielectric breakdown oil testers are used to assess the oil's condition after reclamation or regeneration processes. These processes aim to restore the oil's dielectric strength and remove impurities, allowing it to be reused rather than replaced.
    • New Oil Acceptance Testing: Dielectric oil testing equipment is performed on new batches of insulating oil to verify their compliance with industry standards and specifications. This ensures that the oil meets the required dielectric strength and other performance parameters before it is installed in electrical equipment.
    • Research and Development: Dielectric oil testers are used in research and development activities related to insulating oils and electrical insulation systems. They help evaluate the performance of different oil formulations, assess the impact of additives, and study the behavior of insulating materials under varying conditions.
    Existing reviews of Dielectric Strength Insulating Oil Tester, 0 ~ 100KV
    Excellent performance, exceeded my expectations
    This insulating oil dielectric strength tester is just brilliant! First of all, it has a test range from 0KV to 100KV, so it's just a godsend for everything. No matter what kind of electrical equipment I need to test, it can do it easily. Moreover, it is quite easy to use, even for those who don't know much about the electrical industry, I can easily get started. What makes me feel most satisfied is that this tester is so accurate that I can completely trust its test results. This means that I can be more confident about the quality and safety of the electrical equipment we produce. This insulating oil dielectric strength tester not only brings great convenience to my work, but also improves my confidence in the quality of my products.
    From: Mike | Date: 04/09/2023
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