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    High Temperature pH Probe Electrode for Sterilization

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    High temperature pH probe electrode for sale, measuring range 0-14pH, temperature range 0~130°C and pressure resistance up to 0.6Mpa. pH probe electrode for sterilization with upper thread PG13.5, its salt bridge adopt porous ceramic core. pH meter electrode with optional insertion depth 120/150/225/325/425mm, apply in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, microbiology, technology, sugar, mining and smelting.
    SKU: ATO-SIN-PH-5015
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    High temperature pH sensor with measuring range 0-14pH work in temperature 0~130°C. Optional insertion depth 120/150/225/325/425mm can be selected.


    Model SIN-PH-5015
    Measuring Range 0~14pH
    Temperature Range 0~130°C
    Withstand Voltage 0.6MPa
    Upper Thread PG13.5
    Salt Bridge Porous ceramic core
    Insertion Depth 120/150/225/325/425mm
    Type Industrial pH meter
    Display Method LCD
    Probe Type Plug-in
    Precision ±0.02PH
    Voltage 220V
    Applications Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, microbial technology, sugar refining, mining and smelting, pulp, petrochemical, semiconductor electronics industry, etc. (can be customized according to site conditions)


    1. High temperature pH electrode with precise and stable performance, high resistance 0-130°C to mechanical shocks in sensitive areas.
    2. pH meter electrode’ salt bridge with porous ceramic core to make measurement more stable and longer electrode life.
    3. High temperature pH probeelectrode with stainless steel weld-in sheath can be protection upgrade.

    pH Calibration

    1. A pH calibration is the procedure of adjusting the pH meter by measuring solutions of known pH values. The characteristic of a pH electrode will change with time due to electrode coating and aging. And even a pH electrode would be stable over time, pH electrodes cannot be produced with identical characteristics.
    2. In practice the response of a real pH sensor does not exactly follow the Nernst equation. This difference between the theoretical and actual behavior of a pH electrode must be compensated for. A calibration is required to match the pH meter to the current characteristics of the used pH sensor.

    Industrial pH meter calibration

    Tips: How does the pH electrode work?

    1. A pH electrode is a sensor that measures the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) in a liquid. A pH electrode consists of glass and a reference electrode. The glass electrode contains ionized glass with high resistivity, which is in contact with the liquid.
    2. The hydrogen ions in the liquid react with the alkaline substance on the glass, creating a potential difference. The reference electrode is relatively unchanged as a reference standard for comparing potentials.
    3. The pH value is calculated by measuring the potential difference between these two electrodes. As the concentration of hydrogen ions in the liquid increases, the potential difference also increases. The pH electrode can be used to measure the pH of water, beverages, food, soil and other samples.
    Existing reviews of High Temperature pH Probe Electrode for Sterilization
    Good pH probe for the price.
    I used this pH electrode to replace the old one. Calibration tests were perfect. Accurate, solid and easy to use. Work as described. Good pH probe electrode for the price.
    From: carver | Date: 30/05/2023
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