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    Industrial pH-combination Probe Electrode

    Industrial pH combination electrode for sale, resolution 0.01PH, measuring range 2~12pH and pressure resistance reach to 0-0.4MPa. Combination pH electrode made of material PPS, can be selected measurement parameters pH electrode and orp electrode. Usually used in tap water and conventional sewage.
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    Combination pH probe electrode has lead length 5m/10m/15m optional, work in operating temperature 0~60°C. Widely used in detection of sewage.


    Model ATO-SIN-PH-6001
    Lead Length 5m/10m/15m optional (up to 30m can be customized)
    Resolution 0.01pH
    Electrode Size 25*165mm
    Withstand Voltage 0~0.4MPa
    Installation Method Upper and lower 3/4NPT pipe thread
    Material Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
    Measuring Range 2pH~12pH
    Operating Temperature 0°C~60°C
    Display Method 128*64 dot matrix LED
    Precision ≤0.01pH
    Measurement Parameters pH electrode, orp electrode optional (electrode with temperature compensation function can be specified)
    Installation Method Submerged installation, pipe installation, screw installation, flange installation


     Industrial pH combination electrode size


    1. Composite sewage electrode is suitable for domestic sewage treatment, tap water, environment protection monitoring and neutralization treatment of conventional sewage, accurate measurement and durable.
    2. High accuracy pH meter electrode widely apply in various chemical processes including water treatment, waste gas treatment, aquaculture and dosing equipment supporting.
    3. The international advanced large-section Teflon diaphragm is adopted by pH combination electrode, and the electrode has a stable liquid junction.
    4. Electrode wire of combination pH probe electrode adopts special anti-noise interference wire and production process, anti-interference performance powerful.
    5. The reference system is filled with high molecular polymer, and the reference liquid is hardly lost.

    pH Calibration

    1. A pH calibration is the procedure of adjusting the pH meter by measuring solutions of known pH values. The characteristic of a pH electrode will change with time due to electrode coating and aging. And even a pH electrode would be stable over time, pH electrodes cannot be produced with identical characteristics.
    2. In practice the response of a real pH sensor does not exactly follow the Nernst equation. This difference between the theoretical and actual behavior of a pH electrode must be compensated for. A calibration is required to match the pH meter to the current characteristics of the used pH sensor.

     Industrial pH meter calibration
    Tips: How to use pH combination electrode?

    1. There should be no air bubbles at the front of the bulb, if there are air bubbles, they should be thrown away with force. After the electrode is taken out of the soaking bottle, it should be shaken in deionized water and dried. Do not wipe the bulb with a paper towel. A better method is to rinse the electrode with the solution to be tested.
    2. After the pH composite electrode is inserted into the solution to be tested, it should be stirred and shaken for a few times before being placed statically, which will speed up the response of the electrode.
    3. Especially when using a plastic shell pH composite electrode, the stirring and shaking should be more severe, and the stirring and shaking should be vigorous to remove air bubbles.
    4. After testing in a viscous sample, the electrode must be rinsed several times with deionized water to remove the sample adhering to the glass membrane. Avoid contact with strong acid and alkali or corrosive solutions.
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