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    LED Machine Light, 7W-24W

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    Cheap price LED machine tool light online for sale, with 7W/ 9W/ 12W/ 14W/ 18W/ 24W power supply can be chosen, DC24V/ AC24V/ AC36V/ AC110V/ AC220V voltage for selection, which has short arm/ long arm two types. The machine tool lighting is widely used in the lighting of various small and medium-sized machine tools and working lighting for medical equipment, ship maintenance.
    SKU: ATO-LML-40F
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    Factory price machine tool lighting with 140mm power cord length, LED/ COB/ halogen lamp light source for selection. LED machine light has the advantages of durability, super brightness, dust-proof and waterproof.


    Model ATO-40F
    Arm type Short arm Long arm
    Arm length 305mm 745mm
    Weight 1.5kg 2kg
    Supply power 7W/ 9W/ 12W/ 14W/ 18W/ 24W
    Supply voltage DC24V/ AC24V/ AC36V/ AC110V/ AC220V
    Light source LED/ COB/ halogen lamp
    Switch Lamp holder rocker
    Power cord length 140mm
    Lamp holder size 160mm*120mm
    Material Aluminum alloy + ABS
    Base type Four-hole base
    Warranty 12 months
    Certificate CE, FCC

    Dimension (mm)

    Dimension of machine tool lighting of 40F

    Tips: What is LED Machine Light?

    The LED machine light is a lamp suitable for various large-scale machine tool lighting and other work site lighting. The LED of the LED lathe special lamp is a solid cold light source, no filament heating; rated voltage, constant current power supply, to ensure that the LED works for a long time, and the light decay is very small. High-brightness LED light source, pure color, high-brightness without light spots, can achieve life like meteor effect. The internal circuit design of the lamp is suitable for different input voltages. It can be widely used in the lighting of small and medium-sized CNC machine tools, modular machine tools, machining centers and ordinary machine tools, especially suitable for indoor lighting of enclosed CNC machine tools and lighting for medical equipment and automobile repair, ship maintenance, and equipment maintenance.


    Existing reviews of LED Machine Light, 7W-24W
    Well worth money
    I'm going to mount it on my carbide tool grinder to replace the old incandescent light. The mounting bracket will need to be modified slightly, but I'm sure it will be well worth the effort. This 9W LED machine light is very good!
    From: Farrah | Date: 27/10/2022
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    Works great
    I use this LED machine light in my storage unit that doesn't have power. It works perfectly. Excellent variety of brightness options. I would buy it again if I needed another one.
    From: Alston | Date: 25/05/2022
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    Fine 7W machine light
    It is a fine light! I put two of 7W LED machine light on my milling machine. They are very bright and the flexible cable is easy to adjust and stay's in place.
    From: Daye | Date: 18/05/2022
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    Excellent focused light with convenient switch on lamp head
    I bought this 18W LED machine light for my milling machine. Excellent focused lighting. Convenient switch on lamp head. Lamp head rotates which allows to position the switch where it is most convenient.
    From: zhl | Date: 26/04/2022
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    Well-lit LED machine light
    The LED machine light has just the right arm length and enough light to illuminate my workbench so I can weld accurately, there is no better light for me than this!
    From: Brooks | Date: 20/04/2022
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    I bought a long arm light because I had just bought a new Lathe. This light is very bright and helped me to see what I was doing on the lathe. In a word, a good value for what I needed. It mounts perfectly and works great! I really like it.
    From: Badia | Date: 24/08/2021
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