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    Marine Handheld Spotlight 12V/24V

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    Marine Handheld Spotlight 12V/24V for sale, equipped with H3 xenon bulb, strong concentration. Handheld spotlight for boats with ABS material has optional color temperatures of 3000k, 4300k, 5000k, 6500k, 8000k, and 12000k. Come with 12/24V power supply, handheld searchlight’ power 35W, 55W, 65W, 75W, 100W, 160W, 220W can be selected. Usually apply in rescue and disaster relief, geological exploration, tourism exploration, wild hunting, etc.
    SKU: ATO-JY-213
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    Handheld spotlight for boats can select color temperatures 3000k, 4300k, 5000k, 6500k, 8000k, and 12000k. Adopt the H3 xenon bulb, with high brightness, strong concentration, and long service life.


    Model ATO-JY-213
    Range 1500-3000 meters
    Material ABS plastic
    Warranty 12 months
    Rated power 220w
    Bulb form HID xenon
    Power supply External 12/24V
    Power 35W, 55W, 65W, 75W, 100W, 160W, 220W
    Color temperature 3000k, 4300k, 5000k, 6500k (default), 8000k, 12000k
    Application Night fishing/mountain/sea catching/auto repair


    1. The portable spotlight 6500K ultra-white light has a brighter lighting effect, and the lower the color temperature, the better the penetration. The penetrating power of 3000K gold light is better.
    2. This 12v handheld spotlight needs an external 12V/24V battery or a car cigarette lighter for power supply, and the light itself does not have a power supply.
    3. Handheld searchlight has good waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof functions.
    4. Output constant power design, 12v handheld spotlight effectively improves the brightness of the light bulb.
    5. Push-type switch on the handle, instant on and on, convenient and quick.
    6. The heat dissipation holes on both sides of the lamp head, no matter how long it is used, it will not heat up.
    7. The marine handheld spotlight design of the large-diameter reflector cup effectively improves the illumination effect of the spot.
    8. The shell material is made of ABS engineering plastics, which are hard, drop-resistant, and wear-resistant.
    9. The soft rubber on the outside is very thick, and the cable length can be extended to 3.5 meters
    10. Can be directly plugged into the car's cigarette lighter socket for use with hand-held lights.
    11. Positive and negative clip conversion head, waterproof handheld spotlight can be connected to 12V/24V battery.
    12. The portable searchlight lamp can be carried on the body to reduce the pressure on the arm caused by the lamp.


    Handheld spotlight for boat size

    Color Temperatures diagram

    Handheld spotlight color temperature

    Tips: How to choose a handheld spotlight for the boat?

    1. Choose a high-performance memoryless battery, which not only has a large capacity but also has excellent charge and discharge performance, a low self-discharge rate, and is environmentally friendly.
    2. It is recommended to choose a hard material for the shell. This alloy material is not only light in texture but also has extremely high resistance to strong collisions and impacts.
    3. In terms of carrying methods, it is recommended to choose lamps that can be carried by hand, shoulders, etc. For the requirements on color temperature, you can choose cool white or warm white light sources with different color temperatures according to the actual use environment.
    Existing reviews of Marine Handheld Spotlight 12V/24V
    Unmatched Illumination
    Experience lighting on a whole new level with the Marine Handheld Spotlight's astounding 220W power option. This powerhouse of illumination guarantees an extensive reach and intensity, casting light over vast distances with absolute clarity. Its powerful H3 xenon bulb creates an intense beam that penetrates even the darkest waters. The 12V power supply ensures reliable performance, making it an essential companion for marine adventures.
    From: Abel | Date: 30/08/2023
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