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    Portable pH/ORP Meter for Water

    Low price handheld pH tester can detect the pH value (0.0~14.00 pH range) in a solution and the temperature of the liquid being measured. It is a portable digital pH meter that offers a normal electrode (default)/glass electrode/ORP electrode, suitable for water quality testing and monitoring.
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    High-precision portable pH tester is made for detecting the pH value in the solution and the temperature of the liquid being measured. Handheld digital pH meter is available with a normal electrode (default) /glass electrode /ORP electrode, which is an ideal tool for monitoring water and sewage.


    • Model: ATO-AE6601
    • Electrode: Normal Electrode, Glass Electrode or ORP Electrode
    • pH Measuring Range: 0.0~14.00pH
    • pH Resolution: 0.01pH
    • pH Accuracy: ±0.02pH
    • pH Correction: 4. 00/6.86/9.18 Three-Point Correction
    • ORP Measuring Range: -1999 to +1999mV
    • ORP Resolution: 0.1mV (-199.9 to +199.9mV), 1mV (Other Ranges)
    • ORP Accuracy: ±0.2mV (-199.9 to +199.9mV) ±2mV (Other Ranges)
    • Temperature Measurement Range: -5.0~65.0℃
    • Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃
    • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation: Yes (pH Only)
    • Record Data: Manually Record 99 times
    • Automatic Shut-Down: No Operation 1h
    • LCD Size: 38x54mm
    • Backlight: Supported
    • Probe Wire Length: About 1.15m (with Probe)
    • Powered By: AAA*4pcs
    • Size: 70*30*169mm
    • Standard: Host, pH Probe, Temperature Probe, Calibration Fluid*3, Instructions, Certificate, AAA batteries*4, Suitcase

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Portable pH meter dimension

    pH Tester Details

    Portable pH meter details


    High-quality portable pH meter instruments with pH electrodes find diverse applications in fields such as agriculture, water quality assessment, medical diagnostics, and research, helping to measure and monitor the acidity or alkalinity of solutions, ensuring the optimization of processes and the maintenance of quality standards in various industries.

    pH meter applications

    Tips: Advantages of Portable pH Meter

    • Portability: Portable pH meters are lightweight and compact, allowing for on-the-go pH measurements in various locations, including fieldwork, remote testing sites, or different parts of a facility. This flexibility makes them highly versatile and suitable for applications where mobility is crucial.
    • Quick and Convenient Measurements: Portable pH meters provide fast and straightforward pH readings, often with digital displays, simplifying the measurement process and reducing the need for extensive sample handling and processing. This expedites decision-making and problem-solving in a wide range of applications.
    • Real-Time Monitoring: These meters allow for real-time pH monitoring, which is especially valuable in situations where pH levels may fluctuate rapidly, such as in environmental studies, chemical processes, or food production. Real-time data acquisition helps in making timely adjustments or interventions to maintain desired pH conditions.
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