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    SDS Max Hammer Drill, 220V~240V

    Hammer drill with SDS Max drill bit, combines the functions of impact drill and electric hammer in one. Rated voltage 220~240V, rated input power 1800W, impact rate is 1850bmp, impact energy is 48J. Hammer drill price is affordable, very suitable for concrete drilling, chiseling, etc.
    SKU: ATO-HMD-24
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    SDS Max hammer drill is equipped with large power motor, ensures high drilling efficiency. Cooling port effectively dissipates heat and protects motor for long service life. It can be applied to drilling of brick wall, concrete, stone, wood, aluminum alloy, iron sheet, etc.


    Model ATO-HMD-24
    Impact Energy 48 J
    Voltage 220-240V/50-60Hz
    Rated Power 1800W
    Impact Rate 1850bpm
    Hammer Type Demolition Hammer
    Cable length 2.5m
    Certification CE
    Max. Drilling Diameter 30mm
    Packing Size 71cm*17cm*30cm

    Hammer Drill Structure Details

    Hammer Drill Structure Details


    1. Check whether the power supply on site matches the nameplate of hammer drill and whether there is a leakage protector.
    2. rill bit and holder should be matched and properly installed.
    3. When drilling at heights, pay full attention to safety of the objects and pedestrians below, and set up warning signs when necessary.
    4. Check if the hammer drill switch is off. If the power switch is turned on, power tool will rotate unexpectedly immediately when the plug is inserted into power outlet, which will cause personal injury.
    5. When work place is far from power source and needs to extend cable, use adequate extension cable with sufficient capacity.
    6. Extension cables should be elevated or protected from being crushed if they pass through the sidewalk.

    Tips: Personal protection when using hammer drill.

    • Wear protective glasses when operating hammer drill to protect your eyes. When working face up, wear a protective mask.
    • If it is needs to use hammer drill for a long time, plug the earplugs to reduce noise impact.
    • After a long period of work, the drill is in a hot state, pay attention to prevent skin burns when replacing it.
    • Hammer drill side handles should be used by both hands during operation to prevent the reaction force from spraining arms.
    • When drilling at ladder or high place, take measures for falling. The ladder should be supported by ground personnel.
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