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    Straight Air Drill, 3200 rpm/5000 rpm/22000 rpm

    Cheap straight air drill on sale. 3200 rpm, 5000 rpm and 22000 rpm for selection, 10mm chuck pressure, 6~8 kg intake pressure. Small pneumatic hand dril is suitable for woodworking, aluminum and steel plate drilling.
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    Portable pneumatic drill provides 3200 rpm/5000 rpm/22000 rpm high speed, 10mm chuck pressure, and 6~8 kg intake pressure. Small straight air drill is compact and lightweight for easy handling and maneuvering.


    Model ATO-3317A ATO-3317B ATO-3317C
    Chuck Pressure 10mm 10mm 10mm
    Intake Pressure 6~8kg 6~8kg 6~8kg
    No Match Speed 3200rpm 22000rpm 5000rpm
    Air Consumption 15cfm 15cfm 11cfm
    Intake Pipe Diameter 8mm 8mm 8mm
    Weight 1kg 0.8kg 0.9kg


    • Portable pneumatic drill is equipped with a high-performance internal core gear set, which rotates faster and the drilling is not easy to be blocked.
    • CNC heat treatment processing, wear-resistant and durable, air drill can easily replace various types of drill bits, easy to clamp and not fall off.
    • The air drill adopts high-quality cylinder components, which are wear-resistant and high-strength, with strong explosive force and more powerful drilling.


    Pneumatic drill dimension

    Pneumatic drill dimension

    Pneumatic drill dimension


    ATO pneumatic drill is a versatile power tool that utilizes compressed air to perform a range of tasks. Their high-speed performance, power, and efficiency make them popular in construction, manufacturing, automotive, woodworking, and other industries where precise and efficient drilling and fastening are required.

    Pneumatic drill applications

    Tips: Why use a pneumatic drill?

    • Power and Speed: Pneumatic drills are known for their high power and speed, allowing for quick and efficient drilling. They can tackle tough materials like concrete or metal with ease, making them suitable for demanding applications.
    • Lightweight and Compact: Compared to other power tools like electric drills, pneumatic drills are often lighter and more compact. This makes them easier to handle and maneuver, reducing operator fatigue during prolonged use.
    • Durability: Pneumatic drills are built to withstand heavy-duty use. They are designed with sturdy components that can withstand the demands of industrial and construction environments.
    • Adjustable Power and Torque: Pneumatic drills offer adjustable power and torque settings, providing flexibility for different drilling tasks. This feature allows operators to customize the tool's performance based on the material being drilled and the desired outcome.
    • Safety: Pneumatic drills eliminate the risk of electric shock since they do not require electrical power. They are also less likely to overheat during extended use compared to electric drills.
    • Versatility: Pneumatic drills can be used with a wide range of attachments, including drill bits, screwdriver bits, reamers, and more. This versatility allows the tool to perform various tasks beyond drilling, such as screwdriving, grinding, and chiseling.
    • Cost-Effective: Pneumatic drills are often more affordable than their electric counterparts, making them a cost-effective choice for individuals and businesses.
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