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    Double Acting Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder, 36 inch (900mm) Stroke

    Favorable price double acting tie rod hydraulic cylinder for sale, with 36 inch (900mm) stroke, available in bore diameters of 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm and 100mm, push fore from 1 ton to 5.5 ton. This economical price tie rod hydraulic cylinder is a versatile and robust component designed for various applications, including log splitters, dump trucks, and robotics.
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    The tie rod hydraulic cylinder is a robust and versatile component designed for efficient force transmission in hydraulic systems. Its seamless integration with hydraulic systems enables seamless movement and precise control, making it an ideal choice for industrial machinery and equipment.


    Model ATO-MOB-32900 ATO-MOB-40900 ATO-MOB-50900 ATO-MOB-63900 ATO-MOB-80900 ATO-MOB-100900
    Acting Type Double Acting
    Stroke 36 inch (900mm)
    Pressure Range 0.3~7.0Mpa (3~70kg/cm2)
    Temperature Range -10~+60℃
    Installation Method Front Flange Type, Rear Flange Type
    Shaft Type Outer Teeth, H Slot, Inner Teeth
    Shaft Joint Type Y-joint, Y with PIN, I-Joint, Floating Joint, T-Joint, Adjustable Nut
    Working Media Filtered Oil
    Speed Range 8~300mm/sec
    Bore Diameter φ32mm φ40mm φ50mm φ63mm φ80mm φ100mm
    Push Force 0.62 ton 1 ton 1.3 ton 2.2 ton 3.5 ton 5.5 ton

    Note: If you need to customize tie rod hydraulic cylinders of other sizes, including bore diameter, stroke, etc., please feel free to contact us.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Double acting tie rod hydraulic cylinder dimension

    Bore Diameter Φa Φb C D DE E F G H PT S Z
    Φ32 32 16 M14*P1.5 50 36 28 13 15 25 1/4" 50 128
    Φ40 40 20 M16*P1.5 64 45 28 17 20 30 3/8" 50 147
    Φ50 45 20 M16*P1.5 70 50 28 17 20 30 3/8" 50 147
    Φ63 55 25 M22*P1.5 85 60 40 20 30 31 3/8" 50 162
    Φ80 62 30 M26*P1.5 106 74 40 20 32 36 1/2" 55 179
    Φ100 78 35 M30*P1.5 122 89 45 20 32 37 1/2" 80 206


    Double acting tie rod hydraulic cylinder detail

    NO. Part Quantity NO. Part Quantity
    1 Piston Rod 1 7 Piston 1
    2 Dust Wiper 1 8 Rod Nut 1
    3 Rod Packing 1 9 Rod Plate 1
    4 Gasket 2 10 Fixed Tie Rod 4
    5 Piston Packing 2 11 Cylinder Tube 1
    6 Wearing Ring 1 12 End Cover 1

    Tips: How does temperature affect the performance of tie rod hydraulic cylinders?

    Temperature can significantly impact the performance of tie rod hydraulic cylinders. Extreme temperatures can affect the viscosity of hydraulic fluids, leading to changes in their flow characteristics. In cold temperatures, fluid viscosity increases, potentially causing sluggish cylinder movement and increased friction. On the other hand, high temperatures can result in fluid thinning, reducing lubrication and potentially leading to seal and component wear.

    Temperature fluctuations can also affect the mechanical properties of materials used in tie rod cylinders, potentially leading to issues such as seal degradation, reduced structural integrity, and increased wear. Proper selection of hydraulic fluids with suitable viscosity-temperature characteristics and consideration of materials that can withstand the operational temperature range are crucial for optimizing tie rod hydraulic cylinder performance across varying temperature conditions. Regular maintenance and monitoring become essential to mitigate potential temperature-related issues and ensure reliable cylinder operation.

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